• Welcome to Kindergarten at the PLC Beginning school is an exciting time for kindergarten families but then there's also some uncertainty and many questions!! Please read through the following information to help answer some of your questions. If your questions or concerns have not been answered after viewing the information, then feel free to contact me anytime!! 

    Classroom Location:

    Each classroom has its own mascot and identifying letter. We are the KI Fireflies. Our classroom number is Room 24. We are in hallway number 3. If your child is bussed to school, they will enter the building through door #3. Our classroom is the second on the right and has a firefly mural painted outside the door. I will be there each day, as well as many other staff members, to assist your child to our classroom. Staff will also be present to help your child get to the common areas. Please make a label for your child that includes all important information. Include which cohort your child is in to help us get her/him to the right place each day.

    Communication: I want to keep the lines of communication open between school and home. If there is anything you or your child would like me to know, no matter how big or small, please contact me. The best way to reach me is through the "Remind" app. Please join by sending a text to __8101_____ and texting this message. _@brummerplc_. This way, we can essentially, text back and forth. My classroom phone number is (609) 978-5700 ext 1334 or you can email me at nbrummer@staffordschools.org. (I check my e-mail frequently!) I will get back to you as soon as possible. It is very important that we maintain an open line of communication at all times so your child feels happy, safe and secure when he or she comes to school each day.

    Important numbers to know: Main Number 609-978-5700

    Mrs Brummer Extension 1334 PLC

    Main Office Extension 1350

    PLC Nurse Extension 1276

    PLC CST Office Extension 1280


    Google Classroom - Check back regularly as this is where I will update you on what skills we are focusing on for the week as well as upcoming events, exciting activities, and important information. I will give you your child's user name when I receive them from technology. 

    Your kindergartner will be bringing home a Home Folder on the first day of school. This folder needs to return to school EVERY day. Please use the folder to send in any necessary papers or notes meant for me or the office. It is very important that you check your child’s folder EVERY day. The Home Folder is an important part of communication. As the year goes on, if the folder becomes ripped or gets damaged, you can replace it:)

    Classroom Snack:

    We will have a morning snack, then lunch and then the children will also have an opportunity to revisit their lunch boxes for an optional afternoon snack before playtime. Please discuss with your child what he/she will be having for snack and keep the snack in a ziploc bag labeled "snack" for easy identification until your child gets the hang of it. Your child will also be able to bring a water bottle each day. I will refill them as needed. A hydrated kindergartener is a happier kindergartener:)


    Taking the bus to school is an exciting new experience for kindergarten kids. Please know that I will be there to greet your child and ensure that they get to our classroom safely. I will also walk your child to their bus at the end of the day to make sure that they get on the proper bus safely.

    Drop off line: 

    If you do not want your child to take the bus to school, please consider our morning drop off line as an alternative. You will pull up to the curb of our school and an attendant will help your child out of the car and direct them to the entrance of the building where they will wait to be escorted to our classroom.  Please understand that you cannot leave your car parked at the curb to walk them in.