• Below is a list of supplies that we could always use throughout the year!!
    Any of the below items are recycled items from home, or can easily be found at the Dollar Store, Walmart/Target.
    Donations are ALWAYS greatly appreciated!! 

    *Clorox Wipes

    *Hand sanitizer


    *Ziploc bags- gallon, quart, sandwich and snack sized

    *Packing Tape & Duct Tape 

    *White/Colored Cardstock 8x11 

    *Elmers Glue Sticks

    *Dollar Store small trash bags (for discarding diapers)

    *Kinetic Sand & Playdoh 

    *Black Expo markers


    *Baby wipes

    *Plain white paper plates large/small & paper bowls

    *Plastic spoons & forks

    *This year I have also created an Amazon Wishlist that I will update periodically throughout the school year. 


     You have no idea just how much your donations are appreciated!!