• Your child will need:

    • Regular sized back pack labeled with name
    • Folder (double pocket for notes an announcements)
    • Lunch box with lunch and one snack per day (or they may buy lunch) PLEASE label with name
    • Crib sheet or blanket to lay over cot (stored in a small tote or large Ziploc bag) this will be sent home at the end of each week for washing.
    • A sheet or blanket to cover with for rest
    • Two Full changes of clothes including socks in a labeled bag
    • A large old shirt for a smock

    This year we will be having individual "toy boxes" with toys your child may bring in to play with.

    These toys must be able to be sanitized after each use. Toy plastic or wooden blocks, a few jars of their own individual play doh may be included. No cloth or soft items that can not be sanitized. Please make sure container is a small tote or shoe box labeled with their name.


     ** Wish List Items**

    Please feel free to send in soft tissues

    cleaning wipes

    ziploc baggies

    Paper towels

    Or anything else you think we can use in the classroom. We are always happy for supplies.