Supply List

    ***The supplies listed below are what you will need for all subjects.  You do NOT need to check Mrs. Golderer's list as well.***



    ELA Supplies

    1 Inch Binder

    Paper for your binder

    5 tab dividers

    Sticky Notes


    Social Studies

    Yellow folder



    Folder (design your choice)



    1/2 inch binder w/ 1 divider that has a folder

    Composition notebook

    2 Expo markers labeled with your name

    1 whiteboard eraser labeled with your name



    General Supplies

    Earbuds labeled w/ your name in a plastic bag ***We use these ALL of the time.***

    1-  red plastic folder for take-home papers/notices 

    1- pencil pouch/box (not too large)

    1- gallon Ziploc bag with your name for storage of your extra supplies

    2 dozen pencils

    Assorted colored pens

    1- black fine-tip Sharpie marker

    Colored pencils or markers

    Small hand sharpener


    Glue Stick


    Wish List


    Clorox Wipes


    Dry Erase Markers

    Ziploc Bags


    Special Area

    STEAM- 100 page composition notebook