• Mrs. Muina's (3E) Supply List 


    Personal Supplies (orange) and Community Supplies (green)

    You are not required to donate classroom supplies, but it is VERY MUCH appreciated.

    Supplies run out quickly around here!


    Personal Supplies 

    - 3 Composition Notebooks (NOT SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS)

    - 5 Plastic Folders (Preferably Red, Yellow, Green, Orange and Blue) (Can be found in Staples or Target)

    - Clear Front Pocket Folder (for homework)

    - Headphones or Earbuds

    - Drawstring Bag (Example)

    - Pencil Box

    - Wireless Mouse (optional but helpful)


    Community Supplies

     Post-It Notes


    Pencil Top/Block Erasers

    Glue Sticks


    Colored Pencils

     Dry Erase Markers


    Classroom Wish List

    Disinfecting Wipes

    Hand Sanitizer



    *If you have any difficulties obtaining or finding supplies, please let me know!