• Mrs. Ruiz's Supply List
    large backpack


    headphones (please no ear buds)

    pencil box (no design- approx 8"x5"---no pencil bags)

    1- 10 pack of black EXPO dry-erase markers (fine tip)  

    1- 4 pack of Ticonderoga "My First" pencils (thicker than regular pencils)

    1-12 pack of Ticonderoga #2 pencils (for later in the year)

    1- pair of blunt tip 5" children's scissors

    2 - boxes of Crayola Large 8 pack crayons (please only the 8 pack)

    1- box of Crayola 24 pack crayons (for later in the year)

    1- 2 pocket folder plastic of any design for homework (will be take-home folder)

    1-  red 2 pocket plastic folder


    Please do not send in additional items (personal sharpeners, mini erasers, ect). 


    Please also send in:

    *A change of clothing in a labeled ziplock bag (in the case of an accident or spill). Please include pants, a shirt, underwear and socks! 




    Class Wishlist:


    -baby wipes

    -hand sanitizer

    -Gallon sized ziplock baggies

    -Sandwich sized ziplock baggies


    -treasure chest prizes