Individual skills are IEP driven. 
    *Communication skills are a major part of our academics.  We practice labeling items, forming sounds, using assistive devices and much more. 
    -shape identification 
    -number identification
    -oral counting
    -one to one correspondence
    -coin identification
    -word problems
     -Touch Math 
    -letter identification
    -forming written letters
    -identifying names 
    -listening to stories
    -identifying functional signs 
    -writting sentences
    -capitalization, punctuation and grammar
    -Edmark Reading Program
    Social and Life Skills
    Everyday life skills are constantly introduced and reinforced in our class.  The main goal for our students is to be as independent as possible.  We work on toileting, feeding, trying new foods, putting on jackets and shoes as well as securing them, and anything that could possibly assist them in their daily routines.
    I encourage social opportunities amongst classmates and the entire school population.  We work on learning activities that can be enjoyed on their leisure time as well.  We will be participating in the Iguana Care this year!