• School Information


    School Hours: 8:55am-3:35pm

    Delayed Opening: 10:55am-3:35pm

    Early Dismissal: 8:55am-12:55pm


    Communication- Together, we make a TEAM! Communication is vital so please never hesitate to reach out to me for anything! Below are the best ways to communicate with me.

    1) Remind- Information to join is on my main page

    2) Email- cruiz@staffordschools.org

    3) Send a note in your child's folder

    4) Phone 609-978-5700 ext 1292


    Arrival/Dismissal- If your child is taking the bus, we will ensure they get to and from the classroom and bus safely. If you are using the "Drop Off Line", you will pull up to the curb and an assistant will help your child out of the car and direct them to the entrance of the building. Please understand, that you cannot leave your car parked at the curb and walk them into the building. If you plan to pick your child up from school, please send a note in with your child in the morning. If you have an unplanned pickup, please call the main office by 3:00pm. 


    Snack- Students will have snack in class each day. Please discuss with your child what their snack is and is helpful to pack it in a separate bag for easy identification. Students are also encouraged to bring in a reusable water bottle to keep at their seats.


    Lunch- Students will eat lunch in the cafeteria each day. They are given 20 minutes for eating and 20 minutes for recess. Children can bring lunch from home or purchase school lunch. The menu is sent home monthly and it is also posted on the school website. If your child is purchasing school lunch, it is easiest to add money to their account online by visiting payforit.net. You can also send in cash or checks in a labeled envelope. 


    Absences- If your child is going to be absent, please call the attendance office. Upon your child's return to school, please send in a note, providing a reason for their absence.