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    Lucky Eleven Challenge:


    1)1-3 Minute Jog (if possible)

    -Stretches (10 Seconds Each):

    • Arm circles forwards, then backwards
    • Arm across body right, left then left
    • Arm behind head right, then left
    • Flamingos right, then left
    • Lunge to the right, then left, down to center (tough ground)

    2) 20 Jumping Jacks

    -40 second rest

    3) 15-20 Pushups (can be done from knees, hands on wall, or regular form)

    -40 second rest

    4)15-30 Situps

    -1 minute rest 

    5) 5-20 Burpees

    3 minute break

    6) 10-20 Mountain climbers

    -30 second rest

    7) 10-20 Squats

    -30 second rest

    8)10-15 Star Jumps

    -30 second rest 

    9) Wall Sit for as long as you can (try to get at least 30 seconds)

    -30 second rest

    10) 30 second (or more) Plank

    11) Cool down

    • Walk around house
    • Stretch arms and legs 


    • Hold a tissue box or pillow in hands while doing situps.
    • Make a diamond with hands under chest while doing pushups or place them wider than shoulder width.
    • Do pushups with head up and eyes facing wall.
    • Any other ideas? Let me know!!!


    Throwing Cues: Ring ring (Pick up ball), who is it? (Bring ball to ear, elbow up), its' for you (Twist and throw)!

    Catching Cues: Eyes on ball, Diamond (with hands), secure football

    Punting Cues: Step, Load, Drop, Kick (Eyes always on ball)

    Snapping Cues: Align, Turn (ball even with lead dominant foot), bend, toss

    Football Activities:

    If you do not have a football at home, put a bunch of socks inside a big sock and rubber band the end to close it off. 

    • Setup a lawn chair (of course only if parents approve)  and try to hit the chair throwing a football/sockball. Move back and see how far you cna go, also try on the run.
    • Throw sockball of the wall and try to catch it before it goes down to the ground.
    • Punt the football/sockball and try to catch it before it reached the ground.
    • Setup a lawn chair and try to snap the ball onto the chair.

    Field Hockey:

    If you do not have a field hockey stick at home, use a pole-shaped object such as a broom (not your parents best one of couyrse!!), pick on side that you will not be allowed to make contact with (like a field hockey stick). If you do not have a field hockey ball, use any ball-shaped object such as a rubber kick ball or a crumpled up ball of paper.

    Passing/Striking Cues: Front foot foward, load, swing. REMEMBER: Stick is to never go above waist at any times, make sure to roll it after contact to prevent a high-stick foul. 

    Stick Grip: Left hand on top (knuckles out), right on bottom(knuckles facing in). Hands spread apart!!!

    • Pass the ball off the wall following the cues. Teach a family memebr and have a pass with them.
    • Dribble the ball 10-15 feet in-and-out of chairs or other houselholed objects such as toilet paper boxes and take a shot into a goal (can be outlined by objects, set up cones).

    Four Square:

    Hit any sort of soft bouncy ball with one hand off of a wall. Make sure it bounces once before hitting the wall and then bounces again before hitting the ball again.

    • 5 times with dominant hand
    • 5 times with non-dominant hand.
    • 10 times alternaitng both hands.
    • Hit the ball 10 times left and right off the wall.
    • Progression: Mix up speeds hitting the ball, change distances (move closer and you have less reaction time). 


    • The Bump: Most common volleyball hit, WHEN the ball is below chest-level. 
      • Hands together- Hug hand around fist with thumbs up, thumbs next to each other
      • Arms straight- elbows in
      • Knees bent- shoulder-width apart,

    Do not swing arms, let the ball meet forearms using whole body to create upwards momentum

    Activity: Get a soft ball from your home or a roll of toilet paper, practice bumping the ball to yourself.

    • The Set
      • Used when the ball is above chest-level. Also to  set up for a spike

      Position self under ball:


      • Form a diamond with hands above head - pretend like you are looking through a window  (remember catching a football)
      • Elbows and knees bent bent
      • Push ball up with hands which follow-through outward
    • Activity: Get a soft ball or roll of toilet paper from house: Set to self.



    • Used to score points in basketball when further away from hoop. 2 POINTER is from inside the arch and outside is a 3 POINTER. We will be focusing on 2 pointers!!!
      • Cues:


    B- Balance: Athletic stance, feet shoulder width apart

    E- Eyes on target

    E-Elbow straight

    F- Follow-through, flick wrist and hold arm straight

    • Dominant arm bent (90 degrees elbow underhand) with ball in hand
    • Guide hand on side
    • Load down and launch
    • Roll ball of finger tips, backspin!!! Why do we want that? Ball bounces off glass and towards the hoop. Show what front spin does.


    • Why do we need to know how to dribble? We need to know how to dribble to be able to move up and down the court in basketball. If one carries the ball, it is called a TRAVEL. If one dribbles, holds the ball, then dribbles, it is called a DOUBLE-DRIBBLE. One can only dribble with ONE hand at a time. 
    • Dribbles cues:
      • Eyes up
      • Finger pads
      • Push down


    • Chest pass: Used in open court (no defenders)- 
        • Both hands chest level
        • Step forward  with nondominant foot (like serve in volleyball)
        • Push and release ball straight, flick wrists outward (like the set in volleyball)
    • Bounce pass: Used when a defender is in the way- 
      • Both hands chest level
      • Step forward  with nondominant foot (like serve in volleyball)
      • Push and release ball downwards to ground





    -Thumbs down

    With any sort of bouncy object in a ball-shape at home:

    From Knees:

    • (1)5 dribbles dominant hand
    • (2)5 dribbles non-dominant hand
    • REPEAT 1 and 2 but this time using opposite arm as a defender to protect (stick out across body)
    • (3) 5 dribbles from hand to hand
    • (4) 5 air shots following cues from the knees
    • 1, 3, 2


    If you do not have a hoop at home, spread out different targets on the ground such as pillows (on;y if your parents allow of course), tissue boxes, used boxes, etc. Spread them out and go through the motions of shooting trying to get the ball to land directly on top of the target from different distances. Rememebr, to shoot further, your cues and form do not change, onlt how far down your knees bend!!


    If you do not have a wall to use as a returner, practice the chest and bounce passes in an open space. To get more distance or speed, your form does not change, only the load in your step and push!!!



    **Check the google classroom to see the Monthly Flipgrid Challenge**


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