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    and don't forget to keep collecting items for our Makerspace to bring back to school in September!


    Here is a list of items we are frequently in need of:

    markers  *  ribbon  *  popsicle sticks  *  duct tape

    googly eyes  *  masking tape  *  aluminum foil rolls

    paper tubes  *  buttons  *  bottle caps  *  cardboard  * colored tape

    plastic containers  *  shoe boxes  *  stickers  *  paper plates

    If you have any questions about what is needed/acceptable for donations, please email: 

    Suzy Willadsen (Art Teacher): swilladsen@staffordschools.org

    Susan Kilgallon (STEAM Teacher): skilgallon@staffordschools.org

    Carolann Pfeiffer (EXCITE Teacher): cpfeiffer@staffordschools.org

    Jamie Weber (Resource Room Teacher): jweber@staffordschools.org