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    Schoolwide Reading Fundamentals encompasses a balanced literacy framework via the reading workshop model.  The units of study enhance the students' experiences to develop and expand basic reading skills while students make meaning of and interact with text.  Within each unit of study there will be opportunities to use mentor texts, shared texts and leveled texts for independent reading practice.  

    Schoolwide Writing Fundamentals provides explicit writing instruction that focuses on demonstrating why and how writers communicate their ideas. Using a Writers' Workshop approach students will study a variety of writing types via the Units of Study.   Quality literature will showcase effective writing techniques to provide students with an authentic experiences as they sharpen their writing skills.  

    Basic grammar, usage and mechanics will be explored utilizing the Schoolwide Fundamentals of Grammar and Conventions.  Units of study will use mentor text and quality literature to showcase how grammar and conventions work in context.   

    Grade 2 Units of Study

    • Reading

      • Launching

      • Fiction

      • Nonfiction

      • Science: Earth’s Systems: Processes That Shape the Earth

    • Writing

      • Launching- How Writer’s Work

      • Fairy Tales, Fables, and FolkTales

      • Gail Gibbons Author Study (All About Nonfiction)

      • Letter Writing (Opinion)

    • Grammar


    Through the Go Math curriculum, students learn problem solving skills through classroom games and instruction. We will be working on addition, subtraction, money, time, and other various topics which we will constantly revisit throughout the year. Addition and subtraction facts should be practiced nightly to help build our skills!

    Science:We are very excited to begin our STEAM lab lessons this year. Throughout the year students will be learning about changes in matter, soil, plants and animals, ecosystems, and motion and forces. Students are engaged in interactive activities and experiments which lead to discovery. 

    Social Studies:

    Over the course of the year students will learn about Rules and Laws, Pilgrims, Communities, and Government. Students explore various books, videos, and activities to help increase their knowledge.


    Students learn about the importance of Keeping Fit and Active, Nutrition, and Hygiene.