• Mrs. Brummer's Kindergarten Supply List
    Make a label for your child. Attach it to your child's clothing or to his/her backpack each day so we can help get him/her get to the right place. Include this information:

    Homeroom Teacher: Mrs. Brummer rm #24

    Include your child's Afternoon Bus # OR if your child is a pick up write "pick up"  Or if your child will be going to extended day write "extended day"

    Add a picture of a firefly to the label or just write “firefly” on the label - (Our mascot is the firefly so this will help staff get your child to me and our room)

    *Please put together a "Fun Bag" for your child and leave it in your child's backpack each day. The purpose of this bag is for the kids to have some fun choice activities (from home) to play with during playtime and/or other times throughout the day. Some ideas of things that you can put in the "Fun Bag" are (but not limited to):
    mini puzzles
    coloring books and some markers, colored pencils or glitter crayons
    crafts the kids can complete on their own
    toy cars/trucks
    You know your child best so choose accordingly:) Also please feel free to exchange the items in the bag for new ones as you see fit. 
    Here is the list of needed supplies:
    1- Large Backpack
    4- .74 oz glue sticks
    8- (black only) dry erase markers
    (Optional - Colored dry erase markers may be sent in for free time use on slate boards)
    2- box of 12 Ticonderoga Laddie beginner (fatter than regular pencil) pencils.
    2- boxes of Crayola - Large 8 pack crayons
    2- boxes of Crayola - 16 count crayons
    1- pair of blunt tip 5” children’s scissors
    2-  2 pocket folder for seatwork/homework 
    2- medium sized erasers for use for dry erase boards
    1- (approx. 8” x 5”) pencil box 
    Please also send in a change of clothes  - please put it in a zip-lock bag labeled with your childs name. We keep this in the backpack just in case of an accident. 
    Thank You! 
    Please be sure to label all items and send them in the first week of school, if possible:)