School Supplies for the 2022-2023 school year
    Please bring ALL school supplies into school during the Open House Day.
    If you are unable to attend, then please send in the supplies with your child on the first day of school. 
    We would like to get organized and get into our routine from the get go. 
    Thank you in advance for all of the supplies.
    *Please Do Not Open supply packages for the Insertible dividers until I make sure they are the correct ones.

    1. A SMALL - kid sized beach towel

    (The kids will be able to use their towel to sit on outside when we head outside to read & learn.)

    2. A 1 inch binder with clear view pocket on the front and the back

    3. 2 Plastic folder (****It NEEDS holes on the SIDE so it fits in the binder)

    - The holes do not rip on plastic folders, like the paper ones, so they last longer.

    4. 1 pack of plastic insertable dividers with pockets (5 tabs) - These will be used in their binders. (SEE PICTUTRE BELOW)

    5. Standard sized pencil box (NOT A PENCIL BAG)

    6. pairs of scissors

    7. pencils (please sharpen a few if you can)

    8. 1 box of crayons (NO bigger than 24 pack

    9. Mini flashlight - (We will use this for some fun reading activities)

    10. Headphones (place them in a gallon ziplock with your child's name)

    11. ***Plain white NEW t-shirt –

    *** I HIGHLY suggest getting a shirt BIGGER than what your child is currently wearing since they will grow by the end of the school year.  We will be making class t-shirts and I will be washing and drying the shirts. These shirts will be used for certain events all school year.  

    **NO hand help sharpeners PLEASE

    Most of these items can be found at Five Below, Staples, Target, Walmart or the Dollar Store.

    Thank you very much     

     school box                        insertable      binder