Topics of Study

    In our writing workshop, we will be focusing on narratives, persuasive, and research reports through out the year. The children will be revising and editing written material to publish a wonderful final piece. 
     Each day students read independently in class, as well as at home for homework.  This will help strengthen their fluency (making our reading sound like talking) and expose students to new vocabulary.  At home ask students questions about what they are reading to get them used to talking about their books.  In reading instruction we will focus on various reading comprehension skills and students will strive to understand what they are reading.  Skills include sequencing, comparing and contrasting, and picking out important details in connection to the main idea of the story.  
    Focus Comprehension Skill- Character and Setting
    Focus Comprehension Strategy- Use Graphic Organizer
    Theme three and four- Expository Nonfiction
    Focus Comprehension Skill- Locate Information
    Focus Comprehension Strategy- Use Prior Knowledge


    Our class will be using the math program, Go Math! We will be learning various strategies to help us with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
    Social Studies
    History of New Jersey
     Social Skills

    World Language


    In world language students will  learn new Spanish vocabulary words. By looking at pictures, listening to words, and reading words, students will continue to add to their Spanish language knowledge.




    topics of study