• Items needed for your child in the classroom
    Masks:  Extra face masks in the event they need to be switched throughout the day.  Place in a ziplock bag labeled with your child's name.
    Folder:  One plastic 2 pocket folder to be kept in bookbag for daily information and child's work

    Bookbag:  Large enough for folder, projects, "Show + Tell" and lunchbox

    Lunchbox:  Sufficient amount of drinks, lunch and snack daily.  Ice packs, if needed. Thermos for hot food.  (We do not have a microwave available)

    Attire:  2-3 extra sets of clothing, including socks and undergarments (placed in a large ziplock bag, plastic box with lid, or shoebox)  to be left at school

    Toileting:  Diapers, Pull-Ups, Wipes (if needed) to be left at school

    Footwear:  Sneakers for outside play/gym use daily

    Sweater/Sweatshirt:  Room temperature varies. You may wish to leave one in school. (Optional)

    Bedding:  This will be sent home for laundering on Fridays.  Please remember to return on Mondays:
    Small lightweight blanket and fitted crib sheet placed in a small bag with handles or drawstring.  Small pillow - must fit in bag as well.
    If your child attends Speech Therapy sessions, please send one black and white 100 page composition notebook with your child's name on it.

    Please label all of the above items with your child’s full name.

    Suggested "At Home" Kit:


    Child Scissors

    Washable Paint/Brushes/Q-Tips/Sponges




    Dry Erase Board/Dry Erase Markers

    Magnet Letters/Numbers & Cookie Sheet