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     If you have any questions, you may email me at tsinatra@staffordschools.org.  
    Useful websites: 
    www.readingeggs.com - your child has received a login & password
    (6/15-6/17) - Last week of DK!! I am so proud of all of you!! :D

    Monday 6/15 - Virtual Field Trip - Insects                         

     Have fun Learning about Insects-


    *Reading Eggs: 15 mins

    *Sightwords:   - Sight word: Practice Words:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zJJ1S6-rMc

    Tuesday 6/16: Virtual Field Trip Making Ice Cream -

     Learn How Ice Cream is Made - then draw your own surprise ice cream cone: 


      *Directive Drawing :  Draw an Ice Cream Cone : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vzaUdSnUWS4 

    *Fundations:  Drill : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puqKIUsBbD

    *Reading Eggs: 15 mins 

    *Sightwords:  Practice words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idexNu0SZpU  

    Wednesday 6/17: Last Day -  Game day!!  Play a board game with your family. :D

    Have a fun summer!! :D

    Summer Review:
    Review Upper & lower case letters & sounds
    *Continue to review sight words introduced with your child at home:
     Marking Period 1: the, I, is, his, a, are, and, to, go, as, has, me 
    Marking Period 2: and, are, his, as, has, at, am, was, my, an, can, like, on, be, we, she, he, all, got, they, in, it, if
    Skills a Kindergartner should know/work on:
    1. First & last name- saying & writing
    2. Address
    3. Phone number
    4. Birthday & age
    5. How to hold a crayon & pencil correctly
    6. How to color within a form
    7. How to cut on a line & glue properly
    8. identify all letters & sounds
    9. How to tie shoes, zipper & button a coat
    10. How to zip a zipper & button a coat
    11. Count to 100 by 1's and 10's
    12. Recognize & write numbers to 20
    13. Make rhyming words (at, an, ad, ap, am, et, en, ed, in, it, ip, ig, ot, og, op, un, ut, ub etc.)
    14. Identify sight words introduced


  • this is week 2