• Peek of the Week 
    .Letter(s) of the week: all letters have now been introduced. Your child shopuld be able to identify all upper and lower case letters and their sound.
    Sight Words: all, got & it
    Social Studies-  Happy New Year 2020 
    Health-healthy bodies & germs
    Science- winter, snow, ice, penguins
    1/13- 1/17
    Letter(s) of the week:
    Sight Words- if & saw
    Social Studies- Martin Luther King Jr.
    Health- Germs
    Science- winter, snow, ice, penguins
    1/20-1/24- (school closed 1/20)
    Letters of the week: 
    Sight words: they & in
    Social Studies-Martin Luther King JR. & diversity
    Health- germs
     Letters will be introduced in this order: Tt, Bb & Ff, Nn & Mm, Ii & Uu, Cc, & Oo, Aa & Gg, Dd & Ss, Ee & Rr, Pp & Jj, Hh & Kk, Ll,  Vv & Ww, Yy & Xx, Zz & Qq
    ** Please review sight words introduced in class with your child at home:
    Marking Period 1: the, I, is, his, a, are, and, to, go, as, has
    Marking Period 2: and, are, his, as, has, at, am, was, my, an can, like, on, & all 1st marking period words.
    Marking Period 3: me, be, we, he, she, all, got, if, it. saw, they, in, look, one,see, what, two, of yes, no, up, down, out, who, by, want & all 1st, & 2nd marking period words.

    Marking Period 4: or, for, do, good, had, her, here, there, where, give, little, that, have, this, him, said, from, but, will & all 1st,2nd, 3rd marking period words.
    Skills a Kindergartner should know/work on:
    1. First & last name
    2. Address
    3. Phone number
    4. Age
    5. Birthday
    6. How to hold a crayon & pencil correctly
    7. How to color within a form
    8. How to cut on a line
    9. How to use glue properly
    10.To identify letters in name
    11. How to tie shoes
    12. How to zip a zipper & button a coat
    13. How to sit properly
    14. How to walk in a line
    15. How to take turns
    16. How to ask for help when needed
    17. How to listen & follow directions  
    *Please be sure to check this website for updates on academics and school activities, events, & functions.
    *Birthday celebrations are welcome.  Please send me a note or email notifying me if you would like to send something in for your child to celebrate their birthday. We currently have 9 students in our class at this time. I do expect more students to join in during the year. :) Please be sure to send any supplies needed as well such as cups, napkins or plates if necessary.  You may send it in with your child in the morning or drop it off during the day by 12:30. We will celebrate birthdays in the afternoon.
     Homework:  (1)A letter practice page will be sent home on Mondays.  Please have your child trace and practice writing the letter.  Please have them return it to school by Thursday of each week. 
    (2) Reading at home for 10 minutes.   
    (3) Math: will also come home for extra practice at home. Please have your child complete & return to school by Thursday of each week.
    (4) Show & Tell:  Show & Tell will be on Friday of each week. Please be sure to help your child pick out something for their Show & Tell that begins with the letter(s) of the week (only 1 item).  This is part of their class participation grade.  Show & Tell should begin with the letter of the week. If they forget their Show & Tell, they will have to wait for their next turn the following week.
    * Reading Eggs login & passwords will be sent home. This activity helps support reading skills and may be played at home and in school. :)
    *  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via email @ tsinatra@staffordschools.org or (609) 978-5700 ext. 1309

    Thank you!!  Have a great week!!  

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