• Here are some things your child will need for kindergarten:

    1. A goodnight’s sleep, a good breakfast, and a big smile!

    2.  A backpack large enough to hold a lunchbox and a two pocket folder (Please no wheels)

    3.  A lunchbox(with his or her name clearly written on the inside.)

    4.   A change of clothes stored in a large Ziploc bag, clearly labeled with your child’s name.

    5.   A large adult t-shirt for a painting smock

    6. Toys that they can play with individually at playtime.       

    7.   A small comfort object, (only if necessary)

    8. Child size headphones in a Ziplic bag with their name on it




    Glue Sticks

    Crayons (Crayola 8 pack)

    Washable Crayola Markers

    Ticonderoga Pencils (Beginner)

    Scissors (blunt tip)

    Expo bullet tip black dry erase markers (2)