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Section R5000 - Pupils

R5111 - Eligibility of Resident.Nonresident Students.pdf
R5116 - Education of Homeless Children and Youths.pdf
R5117 - Interdistrict Public School Choice.pdf 
R5130 - Withdrawal from School
R5200 - Attendance.pdf
R5230 - Late Arrival and Early Dismissal
R5240 - Tardiness/Early Dismissal
R5300 - Automated External Defribillators -AEDS-.pdf  
R5306 - Health Services to Nonpublic Schools.pdf
R5308 - Student Health Records.pdf
R5310 - Health Services.pdf
R5310.01 - Head Lice Management Regulation
R5310.02 Bed Bug Management.pdf 
R5320 - Immunization.pdf
R5330 - Administration of Medication.pdf
R5330.01 - Administration of Medical Cannabis.pdf
R5330.04 - Administering an Opioid Antidote.pdf
R5330.05 - Seizure Action Plan.pdf
R5331 - Management of Life-Threatening Allergies in Schools
R5332 - Procedure for the Administration of Potassium Iodide-KI
R5333 - Management of Diabetes in Schools
R5350 - Student Suicide Prevention
R5410 - Promotion Retention and Acceleration.pdf
R5420 - Reporting Pupil Progress
R5440 - Honoring Student Achievement.pdf
R5500 - Expectations for Pupil Conduct
R5513 - Care of School Property.pdf
R5519 - Dating Violence At School
R5530 - Substance Abuse.pdf
R5533 - Pupil Smoking
R5550 - Disaffected Pupils
R5560 - Disruptive Pupils.pdf
R5561 - Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion Techniques for Students with Disabilities.pdf R5600 - Student Discipline.Code of Conduct.pdf
R5610 - Suspension Procedures.pdf
R5611 - Removal of Students for Firearms Offenses.pdf
R5612 - Assaults on District Board of Education Members or Employees.pdf
R5613 - Removal of Stuents for Assaults with Weapons Offenses.pdf
R5750 - Equal Educational Opportunity Complaint Procedure.pdf
R5751 - Sexual Harassment of Pupils
R5860 - Rules for Safety Patrol Members