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Gifted & Talented Program

“Strengthening Gifted and Talented Education Act” 

Recently, the NJ Legislature passed the “Strengthening Gifted and Talented Education Act”, which established each school district's responsibilities in educating gifted and talented students.  A copy of the document can be accessed by clicking here.  Further, one provision of the law states that an individual may lodge a formal complaint if he/she feels the district is not in compliance with this mandate. Further, one provision of the law states that each school district must have a complaint policy on gifted and talented education linked to the Board's Homepage. If you would like to file a complaint about our Gifted and Talented program, policies or procedures please click here  or contact Mrs. Stephanie Bush, Director of Curriculum and Instruction. 

                                                                                                     G&T Complaint Form

A complaint submitted to the executive county superintendent pursuant to this section may only allege noncompliance that has occurred within one year prior to the date that the complaint is submitted.  The complaint shall include: (1) a statement that the identified school district is not in compliance with the provisions of this act, and the specific facts on which the allegation of noncompliance is based; and (2) the name, address, and contact information of the complainant.  Should you wish to lodge such a complaint, please contact the Executive County Superintendent at this contact information.

The Gifted & Talented Program is open to students in Grades 3-6 who meet specific requirements outlined in the document below:

Students entering the program will complete STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) based lessons. These lessons integrate multiple disciplines while engaging students in a hands-on, project based experiences. Weekly lessons foster problem solving skills along with collaboration, research and analysis, and evaluation of data to guide decision making. 

Students are responsible for completing work assigned by the G&T teacher. This is a pull-out program in which students attend 1x per week, and depending on the scheduled time, may be pulled from other academic areas. Students are also required to speak with their teacher to see what work has been missed when attending the Gifted and Talented Class.

For more information, please contact the Curriculum Office at 609-978-5700, extension 1104.