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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:  
Why does my child have to be at the stop 10 minutes prior to the arrival of the bus?            
Traffic and weather make a difference in the exact arrival time of the vehicle.            
A student who waits up to the exact moment the bus is scheduled to arrive at            
the stop could ver well miss the bus entirely.            
Why can't the bus stop at my house?            
If each bus were to stop at everyone’s individual house, the routes would be             
extraordinarily long. Also, State Code requires that there be a minimum of             
300 ft. for the use of yellow lights warning other motorists of an intended stop.             
This would preclude stops at individual houses clustered on one block. 
Why can't my child ride two different buses, one in the a.m and a dirfferent one in the p.m?            
According to board policy, students must ride the same bus for both the a.m. run             
and the p.m. run to insure the safety of the students, and for maximum efficiency of             
the bus routes. 
Can my child sit in a seat on the bus with their friend?            
Assigned seats are mandatory on all Stafford buses. You can request a seat for your             
child from the driver. They will try to accommodate your request as much as possible.        
However, seating next to a particular friend cannot be guaranteed. 
What if I want my child's seat changed?            
Call the Transportation Department (978-5700 Ext. 1063 or Ext. 1064) and explain the        
reasons for your request. If your child is being bothered by another student, it might be             
better to move the seat of the offending child.             
Please have the following information at hand when you call:                      
Bus # or Bus Route; Name of Bus Driver (if known); Reason(s) for the requested move 
My child says that he/she is being teased or bullied on the bus.  What should I do?            
Teasing and bullying is not to be tolerated anywhere, including while on the school bus.             
Your child should be encouraged to report any such incidents immediately to the             
School Bus Driver. 
The Bus Driver has received a report that my child has been teased or bullied.  What happens next?            
The Bus Driver fills out a Disciplinary Report, which is forwarded to the School Principal.             
The School Principal may take any or all of the following steps:                      
a) interview the driver to verify exactly what occurred                      
b)view any available video tapes directly from the school bus                      
c) interview the students directly involved, as well as any other students as                            
potential witnesses.             
If the report is verified, the School Principal will institute appropriate disciplinary action. 
What if I disagree with the Bus Driver's report of the action taken by the Building Principal?            
A conference will be arranged with the parents, Principal and Driver. The Supervisor of Transportation may also be asked to attend. 
What if I need additional transportation information?             
For any other transportation problems or concerns,              
please call the Transportation Department at 978-5700 Ext 1063 or 1064.