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          6G & 6H
    Math and Science
    Virtual Welcome - Video Link

    Note: The launch of the enVision Mathematics program this new school year will include multiple online platforms that will be made available to students as the new school year begins.  Student school accounts will be updated with valuable resources as applicable.

    In addition, please see the Math Websites page for the link to Khan Academy videos, on a broad range of math topics, and a wide selection of other useful math sites.


    Reminder: Please call for homework requests

    (978-5700  ext. 1481) before 9:00 am


    Can you guess which penguin paid attention in class, did his or her homework, studied hard and did well in Math and Science?!?



    Please contact me at your convenience:

    e-mail: chudec@staffordschools.org

    Phone: 978-5700 ext. 1110

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