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    Welcome to the Innovator Lab, where Art and Technology combine to inspire creativity.












    Hello!  My name is Gomez, and I am the Visual Arts teacher at the Intermediate School. 
    If you ever need to reach me, my number is: 
     609 978 5700 ext. 1380
     And my email is:
    Or stop by and visit the Innovator Lab
    Nestled in the heart of the Intermediate School is the new home for Art Class called the Intermediate Innovator Lab. 
    This is your child's creative space, designed more like an open studio rather than a traditional art room. 
    This student-centered learning environment encourages exploration in Painting, Dawing, Sculpture, Ceramics, Graphic Design, E-Sports, and Entropeneurism.    
    Both 5th and 6th grade students can engage in their own ideas, experiment with new materials, explore their own artmaking practices and local business opportunities.    
    Art is a vehicle for empowerment, and one art-based problem can have multiple solutions.  Now that your child is at the Intermediate School, the Innovator Lab gives them a space where they are encouraged to learn about themselves and, with guidance, find their own preferred way of art making.