math dude
    Name: Cathy Bosland      
    Phone: 978-5700 ext. 1093
    Ms. Bosland (5B) - Math & Science
    Mrs. Potts (5A) - ELA & Social Studies

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    Ms. Bosland's 5th Grade Class  
    Parents:  Please check Genesis with your child frequently.  Some students are not turning in work, and grades are being affected.   
    STUDENTS:  Check out your math classroom for information on Google Meets.  
    Don't forget to set up your email account!  Read below if you haven't set yours up yet!
    Go to Mail.google.com and enter your information to set this up.  Check your email daily in case I am emailing you!
    Please turn in your work the day it is assigned or by the due date given!  Many of you are not submitting your work on time.  
    PLEASE remember to write a brief comment in Google Classroom for math AND social studies each day!  This is in addition to whatever Mrs. Potts and Mrs. Tapia want you to do for attendance.  You must check in like this whether you have work to submit or not.  Just say "hi." Thanks!
      Mr. Reilly wants you to join his Google Classroom!  The code is oj63lvj.  He will post 365 Days of Wonder and other things for students and teachers.
    Remember to check your special daily also!!!  This includes STEAM, speech, and basic skills with Ms. Gall, Mrs. Farrell, and Mr. Rogers.
    I hope you are all well! I miss you all!
    I will be available daily from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM to answer any emails.  My email address is cbosland@staffordschools.org