• Classroom supplies for Mrs. Conforti's class

    2 ~  1 inch  view binders 

    1~white & 1~ navy


    * 2 ea of the following  pocket folders

     2-blue &  2-green please


    *  8 pack of beginner crayons ~these are the fat ones~(2-3 boxes please)


    * a pair of kids scissors


     *A  (NEW) sock to be used as an eraser for their dry erase boards *


    * Head phones  with their name on it

    (not ear buds)


    *Old  t-shirt for Art

    (with name on it)


    * BEACH TOWEL ~ please label ( for outside  reading & fun)


    * Large Backpack 

    * Lunch Box 

    * special snack (just for your child). Please put in a bag with your child's name on it.  



    *Extra set of clothing in a ziplock bag with name on front 

    (To be kept at school) 


    *Sneakers for Physical Education/ outside activities

    (No platform, zippers or slip-ons. Sneakers must have laces or Velcro) 


    Optional: 1 box of 24 crayons to be used for special projects 


    The following is the standard "PLC Supply List" from the home page. Please note the changes in pink; Some of the supplies are the same on both lists. You do not need to get double (For example, just one pencil box)


    3 - .74 oz glue sticks

    4 - (black only) dry erase markers ~I have plenty

    1 -box of 12 Ticonderoga Laddie beginner (fatter than regular pencil) pencils .   

    1 - pair of blunt tip 5” children’s scissors 

    1-plain/no design (approx. 8” x 5”) pencil box 

    3 -plain (solid color) 2 pocket folders (Just 1 (plastic preferred)~see above message

    1-fun design 2 pocket folders for seatwork/homework 

    1 -package of any color post-its 

    1- medium sized eraser ~I have plenty


    Thank you for contributing these supplies for your child.  Please be sure to label all items.  When sending in the supplies, please place them in a labeled gallon storage bag.  This way they can be saved for when your child needs replacement items!    


    "Homework Survival Kit" 





    Glue Sticks  


    *Things we could always use in the classroom: baby wipes,  hand sanitizer, liquid soap, paper towels and Zip-Lock bags ( 2 gallons please).   


            THANK YOU



      Please do NOT worry if you can't buy all of the supplies. I have extra supplies for your child to have a successful and organized school year!