Name: Kerry Eck'Art
    Phone: 609-978-5700 x. 1168

    Dear Parents/Guardians:


    We have set up links to web pages that we use frequently in class. 

    Please go to:

    Classroom Links

    Packet assignments were sent home as hard copies.

    Please check in each day via Google Classroom and leave me a message to let me know you are working.  There may also be new assignments listed.  I will only list assignments under our ELA page that we all joined on Friday.  I'll rename it...Remote Learning! 


    We will be available through email and Class Tag between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:00 pm.



    (Class Tag is Mrs. Eck’Art only)


    Tips for Remote Learning

    This is a challenging time for parents, teachers, and students.  Please try to remain patient as we work out the routine of what “remote learning” looks like.  Below is a list of tips for you to refer to if you are looking for guidance on how to set up your week.


    1. Set a Learning Environment:

    Try to set up an area in which your child will complete his/her school work.  This should include a desk/table that can house all of the materials needed to complete assignments. (Laptop, ipad, computer, pencils, papers, packets, books, etc.) This location should be a place in which all of these materials will stay each day.  Avoid having distractions such as TV/video games, or music around when it is “Academic time”.

    1. Set up a Schedule/Build a Routine

    Each family will build a schedule that will fit the needs of their own personal lifestyle.  Listed below is a sample schedule in which you can tweak to your own needs.  This is only a possible schedule suggestion.


    Wake up

    Eat breakfast, get dressed, make your bed


    Look on Website for academic instructions for the day.


    Complete 30 minutes of reading and finish response


    Look on your special area teacher’s website for any activities.  Do something creative (Build with Legos, create artwork, etc.)


    Complete an activity that helps your family. (Help clean up a room, prepare a meal, bring laundry into washing machine)


    Lunch/ Physical activity


    Complete writing assignment task of the day


    Math- Complete math assignment for the day


    Read another 30 minutes

    Evening time 

    Spend time with your family.  Go outside and play in the yard, take a family walk

    1. Stay Consistent

    Children do very well with routine and consistency.  It is important that Monday-Friday, they know what is expected of them academically.  Please make sure that your child gets to bed at their normal bedtime for school.      

    Together, we can make this experience work for all participants.  If you are in need of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or ClassTag.  Thank you for your cooperation and patience! Stay well!