• supply list and activities

    Have a great summer! See you in September!-Mr. Ruggiero
    email-fruggiero@staffordschools.org Room #94 phone ex 1190

    Feel free to donate any unwanted  old "Scrabble or other" board games to our class. 
    Try to bring the following to class:

    Lots of pencils and highlighters.

    Need to have (3)- 1 subject notebook and 1 graph paper notebook -1 for Reading,  Writing, and  Math.

    Need a binder 1 inch or bigger something that should hold their agenda book, soft pencil case and folders to clip in.



    Glue stick
    Sticky Note packs (Several)

    Colored pencils and a little hand held sharpener.  They clog up the sharpener in class.
    Bring in a chapter book of their choice
    Suggested summer activities:
    Read chapter books for at least 20-40 minutes a day or read an article for Achieve 3000.http://www.achieve3000.com/ 
     Study multiplication facts up to the 12's.   Practice using adding and subtracting with decimals when shopping. Count the elapsed time when waiting (Doctor's office etc..), or having to be somewhere at specific time While food shopping look at measurements of volume like quarts, gallons, pints, grams, feet, inches etc...for the purpose of having them see and feel what a gallon, quart etc.... of what it is really like.  Try out Think Central for a Math resource as well https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/ePC/start.do
    Do some Journal Writing too!
    Thank you very much and have a happy and safe summer!
    See you in the fall!
    Mr. Ruggiero