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     4I Mr. Ruggiero's Class rm#94 fruggiero@staffordschools.org  phone ext. 1190
    Topics of Study Webpage:
     Homework is posted on my Google Classroom page daily. Don't forget to sign up for Conferences on my Google Glassroom. Click on Classwork and will see it underneath with the dates and times available.
    Students will be keeping Math textbooks and supplies in school as needed.  
    Math homework will be torn from the Math book and placed in a folder to bring home.
    Homework is only turned into me, not the common area teacher. 
    Workbooks can be kept at home and brought to school on common area days.
    Students can go through the "CLEVER" website to locate our websites that are used daily.
    A water bottle can be brought to school.
    They should have 3 notebooks.
    One for math to work in neatly. I showed them how to turn the book and use the blue lines as vertical columns to separate numbers. 
    A Reading notebook will be used to stop and jot notes, connections, reflections, predictions while reading books. There are books I assigned in RAZZ PLUS for each student.
    Spelling notebook can be used with the common area teacher too! Various spelling activities will be done there.
    Most writing and planning will be done in Google Docs. and submitted to me.
    Check your cohort calendar spelling and vocabulary quizzes are given either on a Thursday, or Friday. Depending on what day you are with me so, you can prepare.
    Reading-Students should be using their guided reading books (Chapter Books), or Reading A-Z booklets for Reading Logs ar and reading logs should be used for students to write their thoughts before they read, (predictions) during reading (Reading for information.) and making connections when they are done and what was the big idea, writing what stood out during their reading time.  Students have been reading the great mystery of  "Who Stole the Wizard of Oz."  We have also been practicing the skill of visualization. They should be creating a mental image from what they are reading from the text. Students are also using Achieve 3000, iReady, and Epic to practice reading skills daily.
    Math-We have been studying place values and rounding multi-digit numbers.  In Unit 2 the focus has been more on estimating, rounding and multiplication with regrouping.. Try to encourage students to use the math notebook to do work in.  It should give them more space to organize their work neatly Keep the rule in mind, "Zero to four, stay to the floor.. Do not increase the place value keep it the same....Five to nine climb the vine..increase the place value by one."  Students are also working on adding and subtracting fluently with multi-digit numbers.  Continue to practice regrouping and borrowing strategies. For math check out the Think Central Library for the Student Interactive Button It is a GREAT way for your child to review math concepts.  This could be used as a review at home to prepare for tests. iREADY is another website found under "CLEVER" to practice Math and Reading skills as well.
    Writing-Our class has been exploring personal narratives.  We have looked at various examples and what made them good writings, or what was needed to make them better.  Jotted down a list of favorites to write about when we are stuck with ideas to write about.  We practiced how to hook the reader with starter sentences.  Finally, we are planning and organizing our thought for our personal narrative drafts. Students are also practicing what are declarative/interrogative sentences, WOW!! and interjections.  The class also practiced identifying compund subjects and predicates.  Students also worked at identifying run on sentences and comma splices. 
    Social Studies-Students labeled the northeast states and read various books on EPIC to create a google slideshow about their state filled with interesting facts and pictures.
    Science-We have used BrainPop website to view various informative videos on Covid-19, Steps to prevent covid and how soap helps us stay clean.  Students also learned about some nutrition, the digestive  and skeletal systems. On Halloween students assembled a life size skeleton. 
    If you have any questions please reach out to me email.