During the hours of 8-3 I will be available via email , Google Classroom to answer questions and provide feeback. Instructions will be posted below or on Google Classroom. 
    1.Go to Brain POP 
    2. Enter the code:bench8139
    3. Enter the class code:4I2019
    4. Then go explore I will post an assignment soon!
    Good Morning!  Thursday, April 2nd today's assignments are:
    1.  WHO STOLE THE WIZARD OF OZ.  On your own jot down a prediction and adjust your predictions as you read on.  Making predictions is fun, especially with this book.  Read Chapters 8,9,10 and answer questions in Google Forms.  No one word answers, support your reason why with examples from the text.   If you have any questions about the plot of the book email me and I'll help you. (That goes for any work.)
    2. Math PMT Unit 2.4 do first and then the PMT 2.4 Quiz. If there ones you can't this would be a great opportunity to google, or youtube it with guardians permission to try on your own to figure it out. (not required though.)
    3.Writing: Ok, now we are writing the body paragraph.  We are going to build suspense.  Authors use three attempts to solve the problem.  That could be an opprotunity to find 3 clues that characters will find to help solve your problem. Think of the 5w's and a How and don't forget the five senses.   
     4.You can also do a page of grammar. You can print it out and hold on to it, or send it through google docs. and email too!
    5. Spelling City-Go back to the second lesson and practice the words, try to use some in your writing prompt if possible.

    4I Mr. Ruggiero's Class rm#94 fruggiero@staffordschools.org  phone ext. 1190
    Topics of Study Webpage:
    Students should be using their guided reading books (Chapter Books), or Reading A-Z booklets for Reading Logs ar and reading logs should be used for students to write their thoughts before they read, (predictions) during reading (Reading for information.) and making connections when they are done and what was the big idea, writing what stood out during their reading time.
    Agenda books should be signed every night.
     For math check out the Think Central Library for the Student Interactive Button It is a GREAT way for your child to review math concepts.  This could be used as a review at home to prepare for tests.
    Check out my GOOGLE CLASSROOM . For great videos on math and test taking skills! Encourage your children to view them.  Some videos contain great songs to promote math concepts.
     Math-Just finished unit Unit 7 We were learning about fractions.  Starting the unit making unit fractions to create whole numbers. Working to change mixed numbers and improper fractions. Adding, subracting fractions using Associative and Cummunative Properties.  Looking for word clues that help students know whether to add or subtract is key.  Students are encouraged to use and keep a graph paper notebook.  Timed multiplication tests up through the twelve's are also practiced daily.  Students are encouraged to practice at home as well. We will be starting Unit 7and the many strategies used in adding, subtracting, using models to give examples of how to do this. 
    Social Studies- Students began learning about the Midwest region of the United States.  We covered the states, capitals, abbreviations of the Mideastern states.  The students also analyzed the landforms of that region.   The class will also create a google slide presentation on the midwest.  Students will explore it's climate, mountain ranges and landforms, resources and the native americans that live there.  
    Science-The class is studying Energy and all of its different forms. We have started with the question, "What is kinetic and potential energy?" After watching a video of dominoes falling and of other examples.  Students also gained specific vocabulary, and reasoning determining what energy does an object use.  We also answered, "What makes Sound?"  Students are also creating a Google Slides presentation to teach about ENERGY.  A great tool for reviewing the material was KAHOOT. Students are encouraged to reread the Science unit A  to review vocabulary and concepts.  Students already have a great background on the subject from our STEAM lab activities.   In A-Z Science there are texts, text on careers, videos and quizes.  If they forget a book to take home to read, A-Z Science is online with great reading material that support this topic.  Another great tool to use for learning.
     In Health we have been studying exercise and all of the good benefits that we get from it.  The children really enjoy the Gonoodle website we use for student's to be more active. (moving around exercising in the classroom.) 

    Reading-We have been exploring MYTHS in fiction.  We read a variety of GREEK MYTHS learning about the settings, specific greek words, and explored the many CHARACTER TRAITS of the greek gods.    We will be reading like scientists to dig deep into gathering and recording information.  The class has also started the unit of FICTION.  We will be examining fiction. Identifying point of view, chronological words, and the elements of fiction.Students are encouraged to ask questions, before, during, and after their readings of fiction.  
    Students will stop and jot information with the elements of fiction and a how chart to help them organize the information.  Students will also have A-Z Readers that they will be working on at school and at home that are kept in folders.  They can mark them up annotating information.  Students will be assessed on their individualized reading books, students will use sticky notes, index cards and their note books to find evidence and respond to their readings in notebooks.  Students will read for gathering information directly from the text.

    Writing-  Students will be working on Meet the Mentor Cynthia Rylant Unit. They are working on how authors work.  We have looked at writers craft, and thinking what is the purpose of our writing.  We we use mentor books and text as models to analyze, discusss, and compare to their own writings.  We will look at many models and discussed what their angle is in writing one. Students are encouraged daily to write in their notebooks. In class as well as home.  Students will be expected to mine for gems in their notebooks to develop into published pieces.  Students will be expected to follow a rubric, work with partners and have teacher conferences.  Don't forget Spelling quizzes every Friday.