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    Topics of Study Webpage:
    Don't forget Trunk or Treat on the 31st and the Hallween Parade.  Don't forget about our school Food Drive and our Socktober drive for collecting socks.  Just a reminder Spelling Quiz every Friday!  
    Students should be using their guided reading books, or Reading A-Z booklets for Reading Logs.
    Agenda books should be signed every night.
     For math check out the Think Central Library for the Student Interactive Button It is a GREAT way for your child to review math concepts.  This could be used as a review at home to prepare for tests.
    Check out my GOOGLE CLASSROOM . For great videos on math and test taking skills! Encourage your children to view them.  Some videos contain great songs to promote math concepts.
     Math-Unit 2 single digit multiplication. Students will be contructing models to help solve number stories.  They will learn that words have special meanings such as times means multiply, is means equals.  This will help them in creating equations to solve the problem.  Students are encouraged to use and keep a graph paper notebook.  Timed multiplication tests up through the twelve's are also practiced daily.  Students are encouraged to practice at home as well.  
    Social Studies- We will continue the Northeast Region of the United States.   The class will explore it's climate, mountain ranges and landforms, resources and the native americans that live there.  
    Science-The class will ake great findings through various readings and with "Plants and Animals."  A great tool for reviewing the material was KAHOOT. Students are encouraged to reread the Science unit A  to review vocabulary and concepts.  Students already have a great background on the subject from our STEAM lab activities and we will be using MYSTERY SCIENCE.   In A-Z Science there are texts, text on careers, videos and quizes.  If they forget a book to take home to read, A-Z Science is online with great reading material that support this topic.  Another great tool to use for learning.
     In Health we have been studying exercise and all of the good benefits that we get from it.  The children really enjoy the Gonoodle website we use for student's to be more active. (moving around exercising in the classroom.) 

    Reading-We have been working on the role of our classroom community of readers  We will be reading like scientists to dig deep into gathering and recording information.  Students are encouraged to ask questions, before, during, and after their readings of nonfiction.  
    Students will stop and jot information on 5w's and a how chart to help them organize the information.  Students will also have A-Z Readers that they will be working on at school and at home that are kept in folders.  They can mark them up annotating information.  Students will be assessed on their individualized reading books, students will use sticky notes, index cards and their note books to find evidence and respond to their readings in notebooks.  Students will read for gathering information directly from the text.

    Writing-  Students will be working on How Writer's Work Unit. They are collecting information and determining how they want their nonfiction book to look and sound.   We we use her books and text as models to analyze, discusss, and compare to their own writings.  The class has looked at different models of a variety of ways of structuring their nonfiction books.. Students will sort and organize the research they have collected in a way to teach, persuade, or entertain the reader.   We will look at many models and discussed what their angle is in writing one. Students are encouraged daily to write in their notebooks. In class as well as home.  Students will be expected to mine for gems in their notebooks to develop into published pieces.  Students will be expected to follow a rubric, work with partners and have teacher conferences.  Don't forget Spelling quizzes every Friday.