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    Reading- Students can read, listen and respond to the questions for the listed books. They should be reading for 20 minutes a night.  We have been reading various text making text to self, text and world connections. The class is also working on how to summarize a text.  Students are also using Achieve 3000, iReady, and Epic to practice reading skills daily. Class finished reading "Charlotte's Web."Students will learn to use fix up strategies when they are stuck reading and look at texts that present information in a variety of formats.
    Math-In chapter 7 students are learning about how to add/subtract fractions, making improper fractions and mixed numbers and be able to add/subtract them.  In chapter 8 we are multiplying fractions and mixed numbers to a whole number. Students are still encouraged to practice multiplication facts and long division. Encourage students to use a math notebook to do work in.  It should give them more space to organize their work neatly.  Continue to practice regrouping and borrowing strategies. For math check out the Think Central Library for the Student Interactive Button.   It is a GREAT way for your child to review math concepts.  This could be used as a review at home to prepare for tests. iREADY is another website found under "CLEVER" to practice Math and Reading skills as well. 
    Writing-The class has read and viewed numerous examples of a friendly letter.  An anchor chart is also posted for them to refer to on the elements that need to be included in a friendly letter. Students are encouraged to reread aloud in a one foot voice to revise and edit. We are currently writing a whole class model of friendly letter and have looked at various examples. The class is learning what made them good writings, or what was needed to make them better.  
    Social Studies-Students labeled the southwest states and we learn about its people, climate and resources. The class will read various books on EPIC to help with their understanding of the mid west. They will creat a slideshow on desert life in the southwest.  Students are working on creating a slide show on farming.  Everything from types of animals, crops, and machinary used on farms.  Students are encouraged to use specific vocabulary and facts learn about farming from books listed in EPIC.
    Science/Health- We will been studying animals and animal habitats. They will learn about how animals are classified and food webs and their impact on the environment.  Students have also created a google slide to demonstrate what they learned about a specific animal.
    If you have any questions please reach out to me email.