• Summer Math Activities

    Math Hike
    *Take a math hike and look for geometric shapes. Measure and chart elements like daily temperature highs and lows or the amount of rainfall.

    Menu Math
    When at a restaurant, look at the menu and try these activities:
      *Find the difference between the most and least expensive items.
       *Count up the total number of dishes between $6 and $12.
       *Have a total amount like $50 to spend on the meal and find out how that can be divided equally between each family member.
       *Estimate the tip.

    Beach Ball Math
    *Write the numbers 1 to 11 on a beach ball. When a player catches the ball, the player will either add, subtract, or multiply the numbers that his/her hands are touching.

    Fraction Cooking
    *To practice fractions, halve, double, or triple a favorite recipe.

    Practice math facts daily!