• summer  Summer Fun!

  • ***You can use a computer to practice skills and play games at:




    There are many websites featuring games you can play to practice your skills over the summer. Be sure to check them out!


    *Also, you can visit the public library to take out books to read or listen to on tapes or CDs.


    * Go shopping with your family and practice your money skills by adding up the purchases.


    * Play Boggle; Scrabble; do word searches and crossword puzzles.


    * Play Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, or Division Top-It  with regular playing cards. Each player turns  over 2 or more cards, depending on whether you need a larger number for subtraction or division. Complete the operation and the player with the higher answer keeps all the cards. Count total to find winner when all cards are used. 


    * Keep a journal and write down things you think about or do during your days off. Write some stories and illustrate them.


    * Relax with your family and friends. Have fun!


    Relax with a good book! See you in September!