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    10 Things About the Equinox in March
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    **Please contact the main office if there is a change in your child's daily dismissal routine**

    "How to" Get on Google Classroom from home


    February/March Dates to Remember:

    February 22nd:  Healthy Hearts and Donations Due

    February 24thBiography graphic organizers due to be checked

    March 1st: Book Fair

    March 2nd: Soda Biography Projects DUE & Read Across 

    America Day 

    Dr. Seuss Himself Was a Cat in the Hat - The New York Times

    March 9th: Sportsmanship Day

    March 31st: 3rd marking period ends


        Please know that there are many wonderful websites and computer programs your child can use to help them in many areas of school. They have usernames and passwords to many of these programs

    Google Docs: Google Chrome username:first inital last name@staffordschools.org (jsmith@staffordschools.org) Password: St#(lunch account number)
    PARRCC  practice tests: https://parcc.pearson.com/practice-tests/
    These websites are great for the skills we are doing in class but they are also beneficial for preparing for the state testing and using keyboard skills! 


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    Monday:Gym & Social/Emotional Learning
    Tuesday: STEAM
    Thursday: ART
    Friday: Music