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    Physical Education class is designed to teach and develop basic sport skills, improve physical fitness, create an environment to enhance self-esteem and confidence, increase positive peer relations, promote proper sportsmanship conduct and to stimulate problem solving skills.

    Physical Education class is will be held every other day for 45 minutes each day.

    Students will receive a Physical Education grade based on skill development, preparation, attitude, and cooperation.




    Our classes will be held outdoors weather permitting. Please make sure your child is dress appropriately for the weather. 

    All students should have a container or baggie to place the mask in for class. Students will be allowed to remove masks outside for class. 


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    All students are required to wear appropriate footwear for Physical Education class. Any student wearing improper footwear will not be permitted to participate in class resulting in a lower grade and more importantly, less skill development time.

                                                                                                 LACES OR VELCROW ONLY...

                                                                                          NO SLIP ON SHOES ...NO BUNGEE LACES...

                                                                         NO HEELS/PLATFORMS ...NO PART OF THE FOOT SHOULD BE EXPOSED





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