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    Stafford Intermediate School
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    Phone: 609-978-5700 ext. 1285
    Email: hpaolo@staffordschools.org 
    Classroom Assistants: Ms. Sharron, Ms. Dawn, Ms. Pattie, Ms. Angela
    Ms. Lena and Ms. Carol 
    Welcome Back  
    Work for week of 4/20
    Make sure to check therapists pages frequently during the week.
    *Practice reading flashcards every night.
    Weekly Project:  Pick an animal that you want to learn about. Have parents go on Youtbue with you.  Search for videos and facts on that animal.  On Friday you need to list 5 facts and draw
                               a picture of that animal.  That will be Friday's writing assignment.
    Monday: 1. Daily Writing 
                  Have child copy down the following and fill in the appropriate information:
                  Today is (day), (month, date and year).  It is (temperature outside) and (weather ex:sunny, windy,rainy etc).  Then help them write 2 sentences about something they want to talk 
                  something they want to tell me, what they did.  It can be about anything at all that they want to write.  Students with communication devices may do this assignment on that. Help 
                  them find the information above with the date and weather.  Ask them questions and have them answer on their device.  They do not have to write it out.
                  2. One page of math that each student is currently working on or do a hands on activity counting money or the math skills they are working on.
                  3. Review Edmark Reading flashcards for students in Edmark Program. Read a book with or to your child, ask questios about the book, have them point to something in the book.   
                  4. Today is art. Do an art project.  Check out Mrs. Gomez's Google Classroom for assignments. Here class code is ambdwk.
                  5. Pick one life skill to work on for the week.  Some suggestions are: shoe tying, vacuumin, setting and cleaning dining room table, toileting, hand washing, nose blowing, riding a                         bike, getting dressed and undressed.  Any skill that your child may need to work on.  Please list what they are doing in their weekly log and how they are progressing.  When they 
                   master that skill move onto another skill.
                  6. Watch some of the videos we watch during circle.  I will post links on this page.
                  7.Do something that makes you happy and have fun!
     Tuesday: Today is we have a lot of specials..  Check webpages and google classrooms pages for each teacher for suggested activities.
                  1. Daily writing-see above
                  2. Math- see Monday
                  3. Do one new reading word on Edmark.  Go to edmarkreadingonline.com.  Do the whole lesson, there is more than one part to it.  When you see go to the next word stop, write your                      new word 5 times.  For the students not on Edmark, do one reading story and complete the comprehension pictures.  Read a book and answer questions about it (see Monday).
                  4. Today is gym, go outside and get some exercise today or watch an exercise video.  It is also STEAM, check Mrs. Grant's webpage and also it is Spanish, check Mrs. Passero's 
                      webgage (she is listed under McKinley School).
                  5. Continue working on Life Skill
                  6. Circle  videos
                  7.Do something that makes you happy and have fun!
                  1. Daily writing (see above)
                  2. Math- one page or one hands or activity
                  3. Edmark-complete worksheets that go along with your new word
                  4. Music- Check out Mrs. Tylicki's webpage
                  5. Work on Life Skill
                  6. Circle  videos
                  7.Do something that makes you happy and have fun!
                  1. Daily writing
                  2. Math- one page or one hands or activity
                  3. Edmark-complete worksheets that go along with your new word
                  4. Music- Check out Mrs. Tylicki's webpage
                  5. Work on Life Skill
                  6. Circle  videos
                  7.Do something that makes you happy and have fun!
                 1. Writing-write 5 facts about the animal you chose to learn about
                 2. Work on any assignment you did not complete for the week
                 3. Drama- see Mrs. Gioe's page
                 4. Do something that makes you happy, have fun and have a great weekend!
    I am looking forward to the upcoming school year at the Intermediate School.  We are going to be a part of so many amazing new adventures including the Iguana Cafe.
    We will have many exciting things taking place within our classroom and school.  It is going to be an exciting year!
    Please send in few changes of clothes for your child.  Also send in a sweatshirt for your child to keep in the classroom.  We are always in need of wipes, tissues, and paper towels! 
    Special Schedule

    To be posted when available 


     We are learning to identify all of our letters and their sounds.  Everyday we practice counting and identifying numbers.  We practice coloring, tracing, writing our letters and names.  Some students are practicing writing sentences, reading sight words and learning basic math skills. We use different programs according to each individual students. Some of the students use Touch Math and the Edmark Reading Program. We also focus on life skills.  We need these skills to interact with our peers and take part in every day social and self care activities. 

  • In the event of a school closure I can be reached via email at hpaolo@staffordschools.org from the hours of 7:45-2:45.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.  I may be sending out info via email also so please check your email frequently.

     Please click on quick link on this page for suggested websites to use.  Also Jack Hartman learning videos are great for your child to watch.  He has songs about almost every topic we are working on: money, colors,letters, shapes. months, days, counting (by 1's, 5's and 10's) and much more.










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