Instrumental Music with Mrs. Wright 
    General Music at home: QuaverMusic.com/login
    Create a username and password. 
    Once you have an account, enter the following Quaver Code into the box at the bottom of the log in screen. 3rd grade: NYDX3     4th grade: C2E3R
    3rd grade: Explore the "Instruments and Knowledge", "Music Creation" and "Movement" sections.
    4th grade: Explore the "Music Creation", "Movement" and "Music Theory" sections.
    also search 50 Nifty in youtube and learn some more states! 
    I'll have Google Classrooms for all of you coming soon!! 
    4th grade Instrumental students: please continue to work in your lesson book. Review past songs and try a few new ones. Continue to work on your band music. Listen to recordings and maybe try to play along. Be careful, some are quite fast!
    Join us in Smart Music: RXQHP-6N3J4
    Join my Google Classroom: qoqcioe 
    This Google Classroom is for 4th grade band students only. Thanks!
    I teach both gereral music classes and fourth grade instrumental lessons and band.
    My general music classes are: Tuesdsay: 4L & 4M
                                                Wednesdsay: 3I & 4K/4N
                                                Thursday: 3F/3O & 3B/5P
                                                Friday: 3K & 3J/3N
    During the year we sing a variety of songs, play percussion instruments, compose, learn more about the instrument families, dance and many other fun activities. 
    Mrs. Alyssa Wright
    Email: awright@staffordschools.org