Instrumental Music with Mrs. Wright 
    Reminder! No lessons or band April 8-12 due to NJSLA testing.
    Save the Date!!
     Spring concert: Wed. May 29

    General Music: I will see Mrs. Banach (3H), Ms. Dreher (3G), Mrs. Nicoletti (3I), Mrs. Schleicher (3J), Mrs. Mikuletzky (3N), Ms. Hildebrandt (3F) and Mrs. Rechenburg (3K) once a week.



    Instrumental Music: Students are continuing to add something new every week. 

    Breathing- in through mouth not nose

    Tonguing- think about the word "to". Touch tongue to top of teeth/near tip of reed to start and stop sound. No huffing and puffing.

    Posture- feet flat on the floor, and shoulders down. Try to practice standing up!

    Instrument- make sure hands are where they should be. The beginning of the lesson book has some great pointers.


    Mrs. Alyssa Wright 
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