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    Hispanic Heritage Month
    3 Wizard of Oz published (1900)




     4 open house 11:15 in room 216  


    7 Babe Ruth hit his first home run (1915) How many total hrs did he hit?


    Babe Ruth


    5 First day of School (half days all week) 
    Share about our first day.

    9 The name The United States of America was adopted (1776)


    10 African American students entered Alabama Public Schools for the first time (1963)

    african american student

    11 Patriot's Day- Wear Red, White, and Blue


    12 First African American woman in space (1992)  Who was she?

    Mae Jemison



    13 Roald Dahl’s Birthday (1916) Who is he?




    14 Star Spangled Banner was composed (1814) Do you know the words? (You will)

    star spangled banner



    17 Constitution completed and signed (1787) What is it?





    22 Elephant Appreciation Day  What do you know about elephants?



    23  Autumn begins




    Neptune was discovered (1846)



    25 Bill of Rights was created (1789)  What is this?

    bill of rights



    26 Native American Day  What makes a person a Native American?

    native american






    1 Henry Ford introduced the Model T (1908)  Share about what we learned about Henry Ford.

    Anti-bullying week  What do you do if you are having trouble with a bully?


    3  Back to School Night 6:00-8:00pm

    4-10 World Space Week 

    7-13 Fire prevention week  

    6 Fire truck visits.  Share what you learned about the different trucks and gear the firefighters use.

    11 Eleanor Roosevelt's Birthday (1884)  Why was she important?  What did she do?


    Martin Luther King Jr. awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (1964)

    16 Dictionary Day

    17 Black Poetry Day  

    21 Thomas Edison invented the light bulb (1879)


    24 United Nations Day


    27 First NYC Subway Opened (1904)


    28 Statue of Liberty dedicated (1886)

    31  parade: 1:30 
     Mt. Rushmore completed (1941)
    1 crazy hair/hat day
    2 favorite team day
    3 mismatch day
    4 Hawaiian shirt day 
    18-22 parent teacher conferences please sign up for an day of your choice 


    4 National Cookie Day- bring in your favorite!!


    14 South Pole first reached (1911)  who did this?  How long ago did this happen?


    15 Gingerbread house creation


    23 Have a great, safe holiday.  See you next year!!


    30 Rudyard Kipling’s Birthday What did he write?



    3 Alaska named the 49th state

    5 National Bird Day

    8 Elvis Presley's birthday

    11 Amelia Earhart flew solo across the Pacific Ocean

    17 Ben Franklin's Birthday

    21 Martin Luther King Day

    24 Compliment Day

    25 First Winter Olympics (1924)

    27 Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Birthday

    31 Jackie Robinson's Birthday



    African American History Month

    2 groundhog day What do you know about groundhogs?

    4 Rosa Park's birthday (1913) Why is she special?

    7 Love your robot day- Students will create what they would look like as robots.

    11 Thomas Edison's birthday (1847)  Why is he important?

    12 Abe Lincoln's birthday (1809)  What makes Abe one of our most special Presidents?

    13 first public school founded in the U.S. (1635)

    14 Valentine's Day

    15 Susan B. Anthony Day

    18 Pluto discovered 

    19 Nicolaus Copernicus's birthday (1473)

    22 George Washington's birthday (1732)

    25 first African American Elected to the U.S. Senate (1870)

    27 Polar bear day



    1 Dr. Seuss Day

    13 Uranus discovered (1781)

    14 Albert Einstein’s birthday (1879)

    18 First space walk (1965)

    21 World Poetry Day

    24 Exxon Valdez Oil Spill (1989)

    30 Vincent Van Gogh's Birthday (1853)




    National Poetry Month

    (poetry book creation)


    2 Autism Awareness Day

    3 First Pony Express service (1860)

    5 Helen Keller learned sign language (1887)

    6 First modern Olympics (1896)

    12 First man in space (1961)

    13 Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday (1743) Why was he important?   What did he write?

    17 Awards Assembly 2:30 congratulations to Cole, Maya, Delaney, Jason and Cal

    21 City of Rome founded (753 BC)

    22 Earth Day

    30 International Jazz Day



    2 Nelson Mandela elected President of South Africa (1994)

    Image result for nelson mandela quotes 

    Barnegat Lighthouse field trip (date to be determined)

    Ask your second graders to tell you all the information that they have learned such as:
    When was the lighthouse built? 
    How much did the lighthouse cost to build?
    Who designed the lighthouse?
    What happened to the first lighthouse?
    What special plants, animals and land features can be found near the lighthouse?

    International Firefighters Day

    21 Amelia Earhart flew solo across the Atlantic (1932)

     Image result for amelia earhart quotesImage result for amelia earhart quotes

    23 Turtle Day

    Image result for world turtle day 

    29 Hillary and Tenzing reached Mt. Everest summit (1953)

    Image result for edmund hillary and tenzing norgay quotes 




    6 D-Day 1944

    8 World Oceans Day

    11 Great Barrier Reef discovered (1770)
















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    source:   http://life.familyeducation.com/calendar/printable/58376.html?month=9&year=2014&detoured=1