Name: Margaret Coppola
    Phone: 978-5700  ext. 1288

    Welcome to the Oxycocus Library
    and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathmetics)!
    During our remote learning experience,
    I will be available Monday - Friday
    from 8am - 3pm through email.
    My email address is
    Please feel free to check my website for additional STEAM and literacy activities.
    The link for the packet which was sent home Friday is on the Oxycocus home page
    Please contact me for your access code to starfall. The children are very familiar with this program and it offers a wide variety of activities.

    Welcome to the tenth week of remote learning!



    Please continue to mark your weather graph.

    If you need a new one go to Day 1 on the Oxycocus website and print a new one or make up your own

    "Sounds of Friday" Countdown to Summer

    At the end of every school year, Mr. S and I enjoy celebrating a countdown of how many weeks are left until summer arrives for our students, and we want to keep that tradition going!  Each of the last five Fridays, we would love for your child to celebrate with us by having fun making some noise related to the theme for that day!  If they would like to add to the fun, they can wear a favorite hat or dress up for each week too!  Please feel free to share any pictures or videos of your child making noise with us each week!  We look forward to celebrating the countdown to summer with everyone!

                  Number of Weeks Remaining

                                  5 4 3 2 1 

    Week # 3- May 29 - Transportation Sounds - You can make sounds on your own or use any toy cars, trucks, trains, planes, etc. that make noise


    Friday is Stepping Up/Family Fun Day


    Happy Friday!

    This month we are singing the nursery rhyme Little Miss Muffet.

    Those of you who are using starfall it's under Nursery Rhymes on the right.

    Today is Stepping Up/Family Fun Day.  I hope you enjoy all the fun activities Mr.S and I planned for you. Congratulations to all who are stepping up today.  You have so many exciting activities ahead of you at the PLC.  Remember today is Sounds of Friday.  We are taking off number 3 in our countdown to summer. The count is 2, 1.  It's getting close. Only 2 more Fridays are left of school.  Have a great weekend and enjoy this very special day!

     Family Fun Day Activities

    Tower Toss: Build a tower using plastic cups and try to knock it over by throwing a ball at it.

    Clothespin Drop: Stand next to a small bucket and hold a clothespin high above it. Drop the clothespin and see if you can get it to land in the bucket.  If you don't have clothespins you could use a popsicle stick or pencil instead.

    Bucket Toss: Try to toss a ball into any type of bucket or laundry basket.  Choose a distance to throw from that works best for you.

    Balloon Volley: Hit a balloon up in the air by yourself or with your family and try to keep it from falling to the ground.

    Pillow Case Race: Stand inside of a pillow case and try to hop across the floor to a designated finish line.  You can also try sitting on the pillow case and sliding across the floor.

    Photo Booth: Send a picture of your child participating in the activities wearing their Stepping Up shirts/school spirit colors.

    Picnic: Bring a blanket or chairs ouside and have lunch/snack together as a family to celebrate.


  • starfall access
    contact me for access code
    1.Go to http://www.starfall.com
    2. Click on"Login/Authorize" at the top right corner of the page
    3. Enter your access code in the field labeled "Have an access code? Register here, then click "Register Code"
    4. On the membership form enter an email address and password to represent your account.
    This covers a 4 month trial subscription.
    You may also visit teach.starfall.com for free worksheets and other resources
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    Nursery Rhymes

    Little Bo Peep

    Hickery Dickory Dock

    Pat-a-cake Pat-a-cake

    Jack and Jill

    Baa Baa Black Sheep

    Mary Had a Little Lamb

    Three Little Kittens

    Little Miss Muffet




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