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    A packet of work was sent home on Friday, March 13th which included Gross Motor activities that you can do at home with your child each day.  Below you will find links to that packet should you need to print or view another copy. Please feel free to try the additional Gross Motor activities that I have added below as well. I will be updating them daily. 
             Days 1 and 2          
             Days 3 and 4          
             Days 5 and 6          
         Days 17 and 18     
    Days 19 and 20 (4/20 and 4/21) 
    Days 21 - 23 (4/22/20 - 4/24/20)
    Days 24 - 33 (4/27/20 - 5/8/20)
    Days 34 - 43 (5/11/20 - 5/22/20)
    Days 44 - 47 (Week of 5/25/20)

    "Sounds of Friday" Countdown to Summer

    At the end of every school year, Mrs. Coppola and I enjoy celebrating a countdown of how many weeks are left until summer with the students, and we want to keep that tradition going! Below you will find a “Sounds of Friday" Countdown for the remaining five weeks of the year. Each Friday we would love your child to celebrate with us by having fun making some noise related to the theme for that day! If they would like to add to the fun, they can wear a favorite hat or dress up for each week too! Please feel free to share any pictures or videos of your child making noise with us each week! We look forward to celebrating the countdown to summer with everyone!

    Number of Weeks Remaining:   

    5    4    3    2    1

    Week #3 - May 29th - Transportation Sounds - You again can make the sounds on your own or use any toy cars, trucks, trains, planes, etc that make noise.


    Oxycocus Owls, We Miss You!

    Suggested additional activities:

    Friday 5/29/20

    Family Fun Day Activities:

    Tower Toss:  Build a tower using plastic cups or blocks, and try to knock it over by throwing a ball at it.

    Clothespin Drop:  Stand next to a small bucket and hold a clothespin high above it.  Drop the clothespin and see if you can get it to land in the bucket. If you don’t have clothespins you could use a popsicle stick or pencil instead. 

    Bucket Toss:  Try to toss a ball into any type of bucket or laundry basket. Choose a distance to throw from that works best for you.

    Balloon Volley:  Hit a balloon up in the air by yourself or with your family, and try to keep it from falling to the ground.

    Pillow Case Race:  Stand inside of a pillow case and try to hop across the floor to a designated finish line.  You can also try sitting on the pillow case and sliding across the floor.

    Photo Booth:  Send a picture of your child participating in the activities wearing their Stepping Up shirts/school spirit colors.

    Picnic:  Bring a blanket or chairs outside and have lunch/snack together as a family to celebrate.

    Thursday 5/28/20

    Take It Back Game:

    Make five different lines on the ground with either painter's tape, cones, rope, or chalk.  The lines should be in a row about 2-3 feet behind each other.  To start the game, one person will stand on a designated "throwing spot" which should be in front of the row of lines, and the other person will stand on the first line facing them.  The person standing on the "throwing spot" will toss a ball to the other person.  If the ball is successfully caught you will then switch places and roles.  This time the person who is going to try and catch the ball will go to the second line instead.  This process will continue until you reach the last line which is the farthest away.  If a person does not catch the ball, you can just keep trying until they do.  If you want to make it more challenging you can make it so that you have to go back to the first line and start over if the ball is not caught. 

    Wednesday 5/27/20

    Rock, Paper, Scissor Fitness:

    You will need to pick a family member to play this game with you.  Each person will stand at opposite ends of the room/yard, and you can make a middle point in between you to run towards when the game begins.  Once both people reach the middle point you will do one round of "Rock, Paper, Scissor". The person who wins will perform an exercise of their choice (jumping jacks, stretch to your toes, arm circles, body twists, etc). When they are finished both people will return to their individual starting spots and repeat the game.  If you want to change it up you can choose a different type of movement to the middle for each round.   

    Tuesday 5/26/20

    Hop To It:

    Before starting the game you will need to fill a basket with a variety of toys from around the house and place it at one end of the room.  Your child will then try to hop across the room to the basket with a balloon between their legs.  They will take one item from the basket and then hop back to where they started.  Once they get back, they can drop the item and then hop back down to get a new item.  This process will continue until the bucket is empty.  If your child wants to play it again, you can make it more challenging by having them put the item back in the basket and start over if the balloon hits the floor while moving across the room.   

    Friday 5/22/20

    Roll and Flip Game:

    Write the numbers 1 through 10 or higher on different pieces of paper and then spread them out on the floor upside down. Your child will practice rolling a ball towards the papers from a distance of their choice (they can try bending their legs and rolling the ball with two hands between their feet, or with one hand at their side).  If they successfully hit a piece of paper while rolling the ball, they will then turn the paper over and see if they know the number.  That paper can now be taken away and they can roll the ball again trying to hit a new piece of paper.  This process will continue until there are no more numbers left.  You can also turn the game into a friendly competition with other family members by having each person take a turn rolling the ball and seeing whose number is larger.  

    Thursday 5/21/20

    Color Dash Game:

    Spread out different colored pieces of paper in a big circle on the floor (only one of each color).  If you don't have colored paper you could let your child color plain pieces of paper/paper plates instead to use for the game. To start the game, have your child stand in the middle of the big circle you made and then call out one color.  They will then have to run to that color, and once they get there you can call out a different color. Continue this process until each color is called, or you can keep going for even more exercise! If your child is having fun and wishes to keep playing, you could also change up the movement to be something else besides running. 

    Wednesday 5/20/20

    Streamer Maze:

    Create a maze in a hallway of your house using crepe paper streamers.  You can attach the streamers to the walls with painter's tape.  Be sure to put some up high and some lower to the ground.  Your child will then try to carefully navigate their way through the maze by stepping over and crawling under the streamers trying not to break any of them.  Click here for an example maze.

    Tuesday 5/19/20

    What's Your Name Workout:

    Practice spelling your name and doing the following exercises for each letter:

    A - Stretch up to the sky for 10 seconds, B - Walk like a bear for a count of 5, C - Roll on the ground 3 times, D - Run to the nearest door and back, E - Do 10 jumping jacks (X and I jumps), F - Hop like a frog 5 times, G - Run in place for 10 seconds, H - Hop on left foot 5 times, I - Hop on right foot 5 times, J - Do 3 big jumps, K - Skip across the room, L - Balance on left foot for 5 seconds, M - March in place 10 times, N - Crawl across the room, O - Do 5 arm circles, P - Waddle like a penguin across the room, Q - Crab walk across the room, R - Balance on right foot for 5 seconds, S - Do 5 side stretches (Tree Stretch), T - Stretch to your toes for 10 seconds, U - Spin in a circle 3 times, V - Walk backwards for 5 steps, W - Walk on your tip toes for 5 steps, X - Stretch to your toes while sitting for 5 seconds, Y - Lie on your back and pretend to pedal a bike for 10 seconds, Z - Jog in a zig-zag pattern across the room             

    Monday 5/18/20

    Frisbee Activities:

    • Practice throwing a frisbee by holding it with your thumb on top of it, your four fingers under it, and bend your arm so the frisbee is near your stomach. When you throw it you should extend your arm out straight and point your hand in the direction that you want the frisbee to go (If you do not have a frisbee at home, you can use the lid to a round tupperware container).
    • Pick a target and practice trying to hit it with the frisbee.
    • See how far you can throw the frisbee.
    • Try to play catch with another family member.

    Friday 5/15/20

    Color Scavenger Hunt:

    Since the weather is going to be very nice today, take a walk or bike ride with your family around your neighborhood and look for all different colored things. Bring a piece of paper and a pencil with you to keep track of how many different colors you find.  When you are finished you can practice counting all of the different things you wrote down on your paper. 

    Thursday 5/14/20

    Tower Knock Down Game:

    Have fun building a tower out of blocks or plastic cups and then try to throw a ball and knock it down. See how many tries it takes you to knock down the entire tower.  After it is knocked down you can then build a new one and try throwing from a farther distance this time.  If you have enough blocks/cups, try having a friendly competition with a family member where you both build a tower and see who can knock it down first. 

    Wednesday 5/13/20

    Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course:

    Use chalk to make an obstacle course with your child on the driveway or sidewalk.  You can incorporate such activities as running or walking along a line (straight line or zig-zag), jumping over different colored lines, standing inside a circle and spinning around 3 times, hopping or jumping on different shapes or letters, or any other creative ideas that you can come up with together!  Click here to see a picture of an example obstacle course.

    Tuesday 5/12/20

    Green Light, Yellow Light/Freeze Game:

    • Green Light, Yellow Light:  To start the game you will need one family member to call out the colors.  While playing you can walk around your yard when "Yellow Light" is called, and run around the yard when "Green Light" is called.  You can incorporate music into the game to make it even more fun! "Yellow Light" you will keep the music off, and "Green Light" you will turn the music on.  
    • Freeze Game:  Choose a movement to do while music is playing (run, walk, hop, jump, skip, dance, etc), and when the music is turned off you will freeze.  If you are playing with your family members you can see who freezes the fastest each time.

    Monday 5/11/20

    Exercise/Stretching Activities:

    • Stretch your arms up to the sky
    • Keeping your legs straight, stretch down towards your toes
    • With your arms up high, stretch your sides by bending your body to the left and right
    • Practice your "X" and "I" jumps (jumping jacks)
    • Practice balancing on your left and right foot for ten seconds each

    Friday 5/8/20

    Assorted Sports Skills:

    • Bowling:  Practice rolling a ball trying to knock down bowling pins, plastic cups, or empty water bottles. You can try bending your legs and rolling the ball with two hands between your feet, or one hand at your side.
    • Hockey:  Try to hit a ball with a hockey stick (one hand at the top of the stick and the other hand in the middle).  If you do not have a hockey stick you can use a small broom, pool noodle, or empty wrapping paper roll.
    • Volleyball:  Practice using your hands to hit a balloon back and forth with another family member.  Try to see how many times you can hit it without it falling to the ground. 
    • Tennis:  Make tennis racquets by gluing popsicle sticks to paper plates and practice hitting a balloon back and forth with another family member.  You can make a net by connecting a rope between two chairs and hanging a blanket over it.

    Thursday 5/7/20

    Football Skills:

    • Practice throwing a football trying to hit a safe target of your choice (arm up like the letter "L", hand in the shape of a "C" with four fingers on the laces and thumb underneath, step with opposite foot, make a "karate chop" motion when throwing the ball, follow through pointing to your target).
    • Play catch with another family member.
    • Designate an area in your yard that you will have to run to without being tagged by your family members first in order to "score a touchdown".

    Wednesday 5/6/20

    Baseball/Softball Skills:

    • Practice doing an underhand toss (swing arm back at your side, step with opposite foot, follow through pointing to your target).

    • Practice doing an overhand throw (arm up like the letter "L", step with opposite foot, follow through pointing to your target)

    • Play catch with another family member (try using a glove if you have one too).

    • If you have a tee/large cone and a bat, try hitting a ball off the top of it.

    Tuesday 5/5/20

    Basketball Skills:

    • Practice bouncing and catching a ball while standing still or walking slowly.
    • Try to do a continuous dribble with either one or two hands.
    • Bounce a ball back and forth with another family member.
    • If you have a basketball hoop, try to shoot the ball into the net.

    Monday 5/4/20

    Soccer Skills:

    • Practice kicking a non-moving ball (remember to follow through and point your foot in the direction you want the ball to go).
    • Have a family member roll the ball to you and try to kick it.
    • Kick and chase the ball around your yard.
    • Make a goal with cones or sticks and try to kick the ball into it (try taking one step further back every time you score a goal).

    Friday 5/1/20

    Sticky Spider Web Game:

    Use painter's tape to make a spider web design across an open doorway.  You can then give your child some pieces of newspaper that they will crumple up into a ball.  They will pretend that the newspaper ball is a spider and throw it at the web trying to get it to stick.  They can practice both underhand toss and overhand throwing skills, and can challenge themselves by taking one step further back every time they successfully get the spider to stick to the web. 

    Thursday 4/30/20

    Shark Tag:

    To begin the game you will need to pick one person to be the "shark" tagger and everyone else will be the "fish".  You will also need to designate certain parts of your yard as "fish houses".  The shark will try to tag any of the fish, but if the fish make it safely to one of the fish houses then they cannot be tagged. If you want to make it a little more challenging, you can have fewer fish houses or have more than one person be a shark.  

    Wednesday 4/29/20

    April Showers Game:

    Before you begin playing this game you can discuss the saying "April showers bring May flowers" with your child, and explain what it means.

    To play the game you make a course of "puddles" (circles) and "stepping stones" (can be any shape other than circles) using painter's tape inside or chalk outside.  Have your child pick a "stepping stone" they would like to start on to begin the game. They will move around the course stepping on all of the stones, and then doing a big jump into the puddle every time they come to a circle shape.  Have them practice saying the name of the shapes as they are playing too. You can also add music to this game and have them move through the course while it is playing, and freeze when it stops.  

    Tuesday 4/28/20

    Relay Race Games

    Have some friendly competition with your family members outside trying some relay races.  Make a starting line, and then set a spot that each person has to go to before turning around and returning to the starting line to complete their turn.  You can either all race individually against each other or make small teams of two or more and take turns. If you choose to make small teams, each person on the team should get to do the activity once, and then when everyone has had a chance to go the race will be over. Whichever team finishes first would be the winner. After you have completed the ideas below, feel free to come up with some fun ideas of your own too!

    • Basic Running Race
    • Bunny Hop
    • Crab Walk
    • Bounce and catch or dribble a ball while walking/jogging
    • Balance bean bag on head or plastic egg on spoon

    Monday 4/27/20

    Animal Activities:

    • Move around the house or outside like different animals of your choice. You can also try making the sounds of the animals for fun too!
    • Toss and catch a stuffed animal by yourself or with another family member.
    • Sit with your stuffed animal on a towel or blanket and have fun scooting around on a wood/tile floor. 

    Friday 4/24/20

    Tape Shape Game: Use tape, pieces of paper, or even chalk outside to make shapes, letters, and/or numbers on the ground.  Have your child pick one to stand on to start the game.  You can then give them an instruction that involves moving towards a different spot (ex: hop like a bunny to the triangle or crawl to the letter "B").  This is a great way for them to not only practice their recognition of different shapes. letters, and numbers, but also the proper ways to perform a variety of locomotor movement skills as well!

    Thursday 4/23/20

    Paper Plate Ring Toss:  Tape or glue a paper towel roll tube to a paper plate to make the "peg" that you try and toss the rings around.  Then you can take a few paper plates and cut the middle out of them to make rings.  Practice tossing the plates like a frisbee onto the paper towel roll tube from different distances.  You can have some fun and decorate the paper plate rings before playing too! 

    Wednesday 4/22/20

    Rolling Ball Activities:

    1. While sitting on the floor, roll a ball back and forth with a family member and practice counting each time someone rolls it. 
    2. Have an adult roll a ball to the child and have them attempt to kick it.
    3. Set up bowling pins, cones, or plastic cups and try to roll a ball and knock them over.

    Tuesday 4/21/20

    Balloon Balance:  Try to balance a balloon on the back of your hand and move around the house. 

    Air Balloon:  Set up a "course" on the floor and try to blow a balloon all the way through it while crawling.

    Balloon Volley:  Try keeping a balloon up in the air by hitting it with your hands.  You can make a pretend net by connecting a rope between two chairs or covering the chairs with a blanket and practice volleying the balloon back and forth with your family.


    Monday 4/20/20

    Paper Plate Tic-Tac-Toe:  Using tape or small ropes make a tic-tac-toe board on the floor.  Take ten paper plates and mark five of them with an X and five of them with an O.  Make a starting point and take turns running down to the board and putting one of your plates in one of the boxes until someone wins or all the spaces on the board are filled.  If you want to change it up, you can pick different types of movements to do for each round too.

    Thursday 4/9/20

    After you have completed the fun jumping on paper plates activity, you can try having an egg hunt either inside or outside of your house depending on the weather! Take turns with your family members so that everyone gets a chance to hide and find the eggs.  If you have a variety of colored eggs you can have each person in your family try to find one specific color, or everyone can find one of each color egg.  To make it even more fun you can hop around like a bunny while finding the eggs. I hope you enjoy!

    Wednesday 4/8/20

    Spring Spectacular Obstacle Course

    Since today would have been the Spring Spectacular Obstacle Course in the gym, Mrs. Coppola and I came up with this obstacle course that you can try at home with your child.  Feel free to use as many of the following ideas as you can, and put them in any order that works best for you!  We would love for you to share with us some pictures or videos of your child going through the course! We hope you have fun!

    • Crawl through the bunny house: set up two or more chairs and cover them with a blanket to crawl under.
    • Balance through the flower fields:  balance along a tape line or thin rope/jump rope.
    • Hop like a bunny: hop through hula hoops, tape circles, or over stuffed animals.
    • Climb over the bunny hill: make a pile of pillows and climb over them.
    • Balance the eggs: Balance a plastic egg on a spoon while walking and try to drop it into a basket. 

    Tuesday 4/7/20 

    When you are finished with today's activity of seeing how far you can jump, try to practice jumping to the left, right, and backwards. This is also a great time to practice the "X" and "I" jumps that we do in class!

    Pillow Case Race: While sitting on a pillow case or t-shirt, use your hands and feet to scoot around the house on tile or wood floors. You can practice by yourself or you can turn it into a fun race with your family too! Try adding some stuffed animals or other toys as obstacles that you have to carefully move around. 


    Monday 4/6/20

    Aside from walking or riding through the maze that you created with tape or chalk, you can also try a variety of other movements as well (skip, hop, jump, gallop, crawl, crab walk, etc). Below I have also listed another game you can try when you are finished too!

    ABC Hunt:  Find a basket that you can carry with you as you move throughout the house.  You will be looking for one object that starts with each letter of the alphabet, and will place them in the basket as you find them.  A parent/guardian can have a pencil and paper to write down all the objects you have found, and this will also help you know which letters you still need to get.  After you have completed this activity inside you can also try it outside.  Look around your yard or take a walk with your family and write down all the different things that you find. 


    Give these fun videos a try:  

    Make Any Shape Freeze Dance

    Cosmic Kids Yoga - The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    Count to 20 Workout Song

    GoNoodle - Dinosaur Stomp

    GoNoodle - 100 Meter Hurdles

    Cosmic Kids Yoga - Pirate Adventure

    Colors of the Rainbow Exercise

    GoNoodle - Chicken Dance

    Cosmic Kids Yoga - Spartz-24, RoboDog

    Act Out the Alphabet Song

    GoNoodle - Poppin' Bubbles

    Cosmic Kids Yoga - Space Picnic

    ABC Dance Medley

    GoNoodle - Triangle Dance

    Cosmic Kids Yoga - Jungle Safari

    Pump Up the Pattern Exercise Song

    GoNoodle - Pop See Ko Dance

    Cosmic Kids Yoga - Arnold the Ant

    Fun Phonics Fitness Song

    GoNoodle - Little Green Froggy

    Cosmic Kids Yoga - Squish the Fish

    Good Foods Song

    GoNoodle - 100 Meter Sprint

    Fitness Fun Dance

    Animal Alphabet Move and Groove

    Cosmic Kids Yoga - Moana

    GoNoodle - Milkshake Dance

    Move It and Freeze Dance

    GoNoodle - Hokey Pokey

    Cosmic Kids Yoga Disco - Bunny Bounce

    GoNoodle - Jump Like the Bunny

    Baby Shark Dance

    Workout to the Letter Sounds

    GoNoodle - Roller Coaster


         Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns:

    (609) 978-5700 ext. 1371


  • May 26, 2020 - “Memorial Day Celebration”- Students show off their red, white and blue. It could be taken yesterday on Memorial day.

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