School Closed March 16 - Further Notice
    We will begin remote learning on Monday, March 16.
    Hello, my "Kind Koalas" and parents,
    A packet was sent home on Friday with ten days of PreSchool lessons beginning Monday, March 16.  If your child was absent on Friday, you have the opportunity to pick this packet up on March 16 at the McKinley Ave Elementary School cafeteria side-entrance between the hours of 10AM to 6PM.  You can park by the STAC Theater and walk the path down to the rear of McKinley.  This will be the ONLY day this packet will be available for pick-up.  You may also download and print the packets from the links below.  Each class received the same materials.  It outlines the day, and has some valuable ideas and worksheets.  Feel free to modify for your own child's abilities - ex. hand-over-hand, shorter intervals of time, etc.. 
    With regard to Free and Reduced Meal Services, meals will be available for pick-up at the McKinley Ave Elementary School cafeteria side-entrance between the hours of 10AM to 12PM for students who qualify.
    I will be updating this page daily with other suggested activities and songs that you can utilize and enjoy with your child!
    The best way to contact me during our remote learning is to email at:  jhiggins@staffordschools.org
    I will respond to emails Monday - Friday between 8AM until 3PM to answer any questions, give advice, etc..  Please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Links to the packets:

    Day 1 and 2

    Day 3 and 4

    Day 5 and 6

    Day 7 and 8

    Day 9 and 10

    Day 11 and 12

    Day 13 and 14

    Day 15 and 16

    Day 17 and 18

    Day 19 and 20

    Days 21 - 23

    Days 24 - 33

    Days 34 - 43

    Days 44 - 47

    Days 48 - 52

    PreK - K Occupational Therapy Home Packet

    All daily lessons will now be accessible on the REMOTE LEARNING RESOURCES page, separated by week, the most current lesson will be at the top for ease of reading (avoid excessive scrolling).
    Welcome to Mrs. Higgins' Class

    We are the "Kind Koalas"
    Room 20
    Name:  Judy Higgins
    Phone:  609-978-5700 x1244
    Email:   jhiggins@staffordschools.org 

    Welcome to my class!  I am looking forward to working with you and your child this year.
    My wonderful Assistants are:
     Miss Jane & Miss Robin

    Regular School Hours:   8:55 AM - 3:35 PM
    Early Dismissal Hours:   8:55 AM - 12:55 PM
    Delayed Opening Hours:   10:55 AM - 3:35 PM 
    *Car Line is available from 8:50am-9:05am.  Staff members are at the curb, and in the building, to help deliver your child safely to class. 

    Please refer to Monthly Themes to stay abreast of what we are doing.

    Show & Tell - Every Wednesday, unless informed otherwise.  Your child may bring something to reinforce the Monthly Theme or any item they are enthused to share.  This item should fit in the bookbag (nothing breakable or expensive).  We love seeing unusual and educational items!
    Please do not send toys from home on any other days, so as to avoid problems.  Thank you!
    We are in need of magazines for cutting activities.  Thank you for any possible donations.
    Please remember:  To read to your child daily and do the assigned speech homework.  Enjoy this important and special time together.
    Sneakers are needed daily for gymnasium and outdoor play.  Jackets as needed.  Room temperatures vary throughout the building.  You may send a sweater or sweatshirt to remain at school.
    Please check bookbag daily!
      *Although work may not go home every day, your child is very hard at work every day!  :)

    Class Donations - Welcomed and Appreciated:
    Prizes (for the prize box for the children)
    Clorox Wipes
    Candy treats
    Aluminum Foil
    Ziploc bags
    Small drinking cups (3 oz size)
    Waxed Paper
    Glue Sticks
    Thank you on behalf of the children!


    Remember to check the Parent Portal for additional School information.