Welcome to Kindergarten!
    Mrs. Dreher
    Resource Room Teacher
    In-class Support Teacher for ELA and Math in
    Mrs. Callahan's class (KA) from 9:25-11:40 and
    Mrs. Toth's Class (KC) from 12:30-2:20
    Optional Activities for Intervention Students
    for the Week of March 30-April 3, 2020
    ~Play hide and seek.
    ~Draw and cut out a circle, square, triangle, reactangle, oval and hexagon.
    ~If you could be an animal, what would you be? Why?
    ~Hop like a bunny, jump like a frog and wiggle like a worm.
    ~Ask your parents to tell you a story about when you were a baby.
    ~How many eggs in a dozen? Days in a week? Months in a year? Days in a year?
    Think of words that rhyme with book, rain, hop, make, sing and sun.
    ~Talk about the difference between wants and needs.
    ~Walk around your house and see how many words you can read.
    ~Play an alphabet game by thinking of objects for each letter.
    ~Name 5 animals that live in trees.
    ~Make a pattern with spoons and forks.
    ~Sing your favorite song.
    Since our school district is closed until Monday, April 20th please know that I will be available from 8am-3pm daily via email to answer any questions or give feedback.
    My email address is:  bdreher@staffordschools.org
    Starting Monday, March 16th I will be contacting my students via parent's emails to help supplement their assignments per their classroom teacher.
    Gelboards are in your supplemental packet from me, if you did not already have one.
    The writing tools (magnetic stylus) are in the toothbrush holder.  Directions on how to use the board and the care instructions are on the back of the board.  DO NOT PRESS HARD, the lightest touch creates the darkest image. The blue stylus is a thicker line than the white stylus. To erase frimly rub the image with your fingers or thumb to erase.  I tell them to use their pointer and middle finger of their writing hand, put fingers together and rub. Your child has used these gelboard with me in school so they should know how to use them already.
    The gelboard can be used to
    draw shapes
    write numbers
    write word wall words
    write their full name
    write CVC words
    write two numbers and have them circle the greater number
    or the number that is less
    I have made a dry erase board for them.  It is in the right pocket of their folder, behind the word wall word chart.  It is a clear sheet protector with a sheet of white cardstock in it.  A dry erase marker and a piece of felt(eraser) are in the plastic bag.  Your child can put any worksheet inside the sheet protector to practice, if they want to reuse the worksheet more than once.
    I tried to include everthing that you child may need to do their work in the supplemental packet.  
    The plastic bag contains: a pencil, glue stick, a piece of felt (an eraser for dry erase board), a box of crayons, 10 yellow/red counters (one can be used for a "meatball spacer") black dry erase marker, a paperclip to use as a spinner (Spin and Read worksheets) and two game pieces. A gelboard with a blue and white stylus, 2-3 magnetic bingo chips are in the toothbrush holder.  A bingo chip can be used at the end of the blue stylus as a "magic wand" to find a specific letter or number.
    The folder includes: The left side pocket of the folder contains the math worksheets, 1-20 number line, 100 chart grid, and the "Things to Do" list.  Behind the math worksheets are ten pieces of blank paper for your use, if needed. My webpage and email address is on the business card on the pocket.  The right side of the folder contains ELA worksheets. Along with a sheet protector dry erase board, Fundations sound card alphabet, word wall word chart, Fundations letter formation, number, colors and shapes chart and an alphabet chart. Also, there is a math and language arts review packet that lists the skills and concepts taught so far this year. There is a  blank book if your child would like to create a book.  They can write about anything they want. The first page should be kept blank for the title page until they pick a title for their book. They should write and illustrate one page a day and when they are done writing they can create the front cover.  The front cover should include a title, picture, name of the author and illustrator. Don't forget once the front cover is completed go to your title page to finish.
    There are some blank flashcards clipped to the pocket in case you need to make some a word/new flashcards.
     I may be contacted by email at