• PLC Cafeteria Common Area
    Mrs. Sinatra, Mrs. Boyle & Mrs. Lazlo
    (KM) Mrs. Vliet's, (KH) Miss Galamb's & (KE) Ms.VanSciver's classes will be
    located here on common area days. 
    I can be reached at 609-978-5700 ext 1309 or email tsinatra@staffordschools.org with any questions or concerns. 

    KE, KH and KM

    Common Area Schedule

    9:45-10:05- HR Arrival

    10:07-10:59- Phonics & Literacy w/Mrs. Sinatra

    11:01-11:53- Art & Social Skills w/Mrs. LaRussa

    11:55-12:40- LUNCH         

    12:42-1:54- STEAM with Mrs. Sbailo 

    1:56-2:48- P.E. & Circle Time & Snack  w/ Mrs. Bayer 

    2:50-3:15- Recess 3:17-3:45- HR/Dismissal



    Name:  Tracy Sinatra
    Phone: 609-978-5700 ext: 1309

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