Name: Anne Reilly
    Phone: 609-978-5700 ext. 1209
    Email: areilly@staffordschools.org
    Welcome to 1E! 
     I have posted a Parent letter on our Google Classroom stream page with all the information and links for everything you need for the week.
    I have added a new Google Classroom for parents to access links to the websites we will be using. We have been looking at these sites over the last two weeks. If you are not caught up, you can find directions here. The classroom code is: nlczghc
    To sign up for the new classroom: Log on to Google. Once your child is logged on to Google, click on the 9 dots in the upper right hand corner. Next, click on Google Classroom. Click on the plus sign and type in the classroom code: nlczghc
    If you need a chromebook you can get one at the McKinley Avenue School on Monday from 10:00 - 6:00.
    Please be sure to go to our google classroom page and check in. I will be asking a question a day for you to answer.
    If you are having difficulty accessing the page, email me and I will help. There are directions below.
    Have a great day!
    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Check my webpage and Google Classroom daily.

    Our Google Classroom code is  d7pdpad

    When logging on to Google from home, please enter the following:


    User Name: FirstInitialLastName@staffordschools.org

    Ex. jsmith@staffordschools.org


    Password: St# followed by lunch number

    Ex. St#12345


    Once your child is logged on to Google, click on the 9 dots in the upper right hand corner.

    Next, click on Google Classroom.

    If you are having trouble email me at: areilly@staffordschools.org