• Mrs. Campbell's Basic Skills Reading Class
    It's a good time to cuddle up with your favorite blanket
    and book and read.
    During class time we will be working on reading comprehension skills, vocabulary, decoding skills, and fluency.  Student's will be encourage to read texts on their just right reading level to help secure comprehension, fluency, and sustained reading. Stories may be read multiple times to secure these skills. A variety of literature will be employed  to engage student interest.  
    Assignments will be mainly done during our class session.
    If you have any questions please call-
    609-978-5700 x 1163
     or email -
    Mrs. Campbell
     Room 10
    Just as a reminder, remember to read nightly with your child. Nightly practice helps to build stamina for sustained reading and fluency.  It also is a great way to foster conversation, e.g-"What do you like/dislike about the character?",   "Does the story remind you of anyone you know or an experience you had?". 
    Bedtime stories are a great way to end the day and get ready for sleep.  Adults and children can take turns reading a chapter a night.