Math Intervention
    with Mrs. Burgess

    If you feel your child needs help with math, please email your child's math teacher.  If a child is eligible for math intervention, it will be determined at our I&RS (Intervention & Referral Services) meetings.  

    Things to do to keep your math skills fresh:
    • Study your math facts up to the 12s each night until you master them!  Get quizzed in the car, at home, etc.
    • Do "MyPath" on iReady.  
    • Play Prodigy or other math games through Clever
    • Practice facts/skills on an app
    • Watch Kahn Academy interactive videos.  Search for a topic or type your grade level.


    Ways to Prevent the Summer Slide  Click on the link to read the article

    be i love math
    Here is my contact information:b2s
    Name:  Nadine Burgess  
    Phone:  609-978-5700 x 1095
    Email:  nburgess@staffordschools.org
    Useful information:  Our math program is called enVision.  Access through Clever.  Practice math skills on iReady to keep your skills fresh! 
    Go on an adventure with a good book!



  • Unfortunately, the Jackson Twp. School District canceled the countywide Academic Bowl that we participate in annually.  Due to this, we decided to hold our own Academic Bowl here at Stafford Intermediate.  We will follow the same format as the traditional Academic Bowl in that each team will compete in 3 rounds and will be ranked by the sum of their scores.  For those of you that have not heard of the Academic Bowl before, it is a Jeopardy type game where 4 students compete against another team of 4 students.  Questions can be about anything (math, english, sports, words that start with g...) just like in Jeopardy.  Each day (for one period) from May 23-25 each homeroom's team will compete against one other team.  At the end of the 3 days, the team's score will be tallied and the 1st and 2nd place teams will compete in the Championship at a time TBD.