• CST Social Worker - Elizabeth Newman

    Phone: 609-978-5700 ext. 1146
    Email: enewman@staffordschools.org


    The Child Study Team are the individuals who are responsible for the development, review and revision of the student's Individualized Education  Program. 

     As a case manager my responsibilities are :

    • Coordinate the development, monitoring and effectiveness of the IEP
    • Providing Case management services
    • Facilitate communication between home and school 
    • Be knowledgeable about the students' educational needs and program  
    • Providing counseling and support to students, parents and school staff 
    • Conduct Social  History Assessments  
    • Advocating for student services and students' best interests
    • Contributing to a multidisciplinary treatment team              


    What do School Social Workers do?
    *School social work is a specialty within the larger profession of social work.
    *School social workers collaborate with families, schools,and communities to help foster school and family settings appropriate for learning, so that students can achieve academic success.
    *School social workers strive to provide students and their families with a support system that fosters school success.
    *Duties of school social workers include ensuring student attendance and acting as liaisons between schools and students' families.
    *School social workers continue to act as a link between families, schools and the community at large. Working with parents, grandparents, teachers, principals and other school officials, school social workers strive to foster an environment conducive to student achievement. 
    *School social work  involves acting as advocates for the families in dealing with the school system, as well as with local social service agencies.
    *School social workers  help address any existing family problems, such as truancy, abuse and  neglect.
    School social workers often conduct assessments of student needs and, based on the results, identify any needed interventions, such as those related to student misbehavior or learning disabilities.

    For many  families, the school social worker is an important link in navigating the school system and accessing social resources that foster an environment in which children can reach their full potential.

    21 Self-Esteem Activities For Children Throughout the Summer:

    1. Help set the table with spoons, napkins, placemats
    2. Help clear the table after meals
    3. Wash the table after meals with a cloth or sponge
    4. Carry in the mail or newspaper
    5. Pick up toys, clothes and shoes
    6. Make their bed
    7. Help carry in groceries
    8. Help put groceries away
    9. Help prepare dinner, wash vegetables, stirring
    10. Wash kitchen counters
    11. Make their own lunch
    12. Sweep, dust or vacuum
    13. Clean bathrooms
    14. Sort and fold laundry
    15. Do their own laundry
    16. Empty and re-load the dishwasher
    17. Carry out the trash
    18. Help with yard work, raking leaves, shoveling snow
    19. Help with gardening, plant flowers or vegetables
    20. Feed and walk family pets
    21. Help wash and clean the family car
    As the School Social Worker, I am available if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child, please feel free to contact me.
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    NJ Integrated Care for Kids (njinck.org)

    NJ Integrated Care for Kids (NJ InCK) is a program that supports children and their families who may have medical, behavioral, and social healthcare needs. If eligible, this program will provide a single point of contact to better coordinate care between the patient, primary care physician, and other community healthcare partners. This coordination improves health and wellness and gives parents and caregivers a resource they can count on for guidance and help.


    PERFORM CARE --is NJ Children's System of Care--1-877-652-7624

    Perform Care provides the followig services:

    • Behavioral Health
    • Intellectual/Developmental Disability Services
    • Substance Use Treatment

     Please refer to the follow website to review the services that PerformCare provides. PerformCare is New Jersey's System of Care. When  your  child is facing challenges to their functioning and well-being, finding the right services and support can be overwhelming.  PerformCare is committed to helping you access the right services for your child.



    Ocean County Family Support Organization, Inc. (FSO).

    The FSO is a non-profit organization made up of parents and community members whose mission is to ensure that every Ocean County family who have children with special emotional and behavioral needs is given community  based resources and support in a family friendly, child centered, culturally competent manner.  http://www.oceanfso.org/home


    Ocean Partnership for Children (OPC) helps children between the ages of 4-21 years with behavioral, emotional, substance use, and developmental challenges.  OPC strives to keep children and adolescents at home, in school, and in the community:

    • An individualized service plan
    • Customized supports
    • Flexible services
    • Increased choice and family independence

    OceanResourceNet is an on-line directory of Ocean County’s many valuable resources. It is available to everyone at no cost, and provides information on everything from employment to support groups.

    http://www.oceanpartnership.org/  In order to access Ocean Partnership for Children services, you must call PerformCare at 877-652-7624

    Resource: The National Center for Learning Disabilities--http://www.ncld.org/                                                                                            


    Community/State Resources:

    State of New Jersey parent link for  infants and children with special needs
    Contact of Ocean and Monmouth County: A 24  Hour Crisis Intervention Helpline
    Website: www.contactocean.org 
    Department of Children and Families-Office of Advocacy-- Supporting the mission of ensuring safety, permanency and well being  for children and families of New Jersey
    Ocean  County Board of Social Services--609-242-6100 
    Website: www.co.ocean.nj.us/SocialServices/
    Division of Developmental Disabilities-State of New Jersey 
    The New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities provides public funding for services and supports that assist people with developmental disabilities
    Contact Information

    Toll Free Number
    DDD Information and DHS Central Registry Hotline:


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