• Welcome to Speech Therapy! 

    Name:     Ms. Carbone, MA, CCC-SLP

                 Speech and Language Pathologist 
    Room:       20 , Hallway 3  (East Wing)
    Phone:    609-978-5700 x 1281 

    As a National Board Certified Speech and Language Pathologist with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), my responsibility is to help remediate articulation errors and communication impairments that have an educational impact. I make assessments, analyses and classifications of students' current communication levels. I plan, prepare, and deliver treatment programs for children with speech and language delays. I provide diagnostic evaluations of students referred to the child study team for communication disorders and participate in team conferences related to these students. I develop and implement an individualized education program (IEP) in conjunction with parents and teachers for students who are eligible for speech therapy and identify students in need of related services. I provide individual and small group therapy sessions with students. I act as an educational consultant to classroom teachers, guidance counselors and administrators. I assist in proper referrals of individuals to agencies and specialists in the community.
                   working together as life long learners
    Working together as life long learners!
  • I will be avialable 8-3 Monday - Friday via email (jcarbone@staffordschools) for questions, concerns or feedback.

    Please refer to your child's last progress report and activities sent home in a packet on Friday (3/13/20). If your child was absent Friday, a packet was mailed home.

    On my webpage, activities have been provided to reinforce the skills we have been working on in speech therapy. Follow your child's schedule. If your child receives speech therapy 2 or 3 times per week, please remember to practice skills with the same frequency. Practice skills for 30 minutes by incorporating toys, crafts, card or board games to make it fun or across the day in shorter increments with daily activities. :) Anywhere you can fit practice in! :)

    If your child receives speech therapy to improve articulation skills, please practice target sound daily to maintain skills. It is crucial for carryover. Ideally, a good objective is 80 words for the child's target sound (e.g. /k/ in the initial position of 80 words or /f/ in the final position of 80 words) twice a week.

    On the other days, practice the target sound 5 minutes a day. Practice target sounds when driving in the car, walking the dog, bike riding, cleaning, tub time, meal time, bed time, and playing word retrieval or guessing games (I spy _ .).

    If your child receives speech therapy to improve language skills, practice target language objectives daily with suggested activities and strategies on my webpage (e.g sight words, sight words in sentences, talking about pictures in books and asking/answering questions about books). 

    A paper calendar was included in the home packets. Parents please initial the days that you practice with your child and return the signed log to school when your child returns. 

    Sight words, picture books and daily reading support speech therapy. :) Various activities that include sight words are opposites, yes/no questions, daily reading, card games and board games. During the week of 3/9-3/13/20 the PLC sight words were "out" and "who". The board game, Guess Who?, was used as an activity to reinforce the words "out" and "who" as well as incorporate simlarities and differences, attributes/descriptors and other social-emotional objectives such as turn taking and good sportsmanship.

    A remote learning calendar is on my webpage with updated daily and weekly activities. Please complete 1 30-minute activity per schedule session day (2-3x/week) to reinforce skills. Have fun with these practice activities. Please comment on those activities your child enjoyed most. :) 


    Thank you,

    Jeanie Carbone, MA, CCC-SLP

    Speech Language Pathologist 

    RLM Primary Learning Center









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  • Listed are activities and games that you may have at home to practice skills that we have been workng on in speech therapy. These activities focus on your target objectives as well as reinforce other speech and language skills such as linguistic concepts, vocabulary, inferencing, grammar and pragmatics. Social and emotional goals include turn taking and good sportsmanship. Incorporate curriculum goals by including sight words, required reading and PLC topics of the week in your speech activities. 

    Practice at home with:

    Card and Board Games- UNO, Guess Who, Guess Where, Candyland, Memory, HeadBandz, Hi Ho Cherry-O... there are so many! :)

    Practice your speech sound 5x and take a turn. Answer 3 questions and take a turn. 


    For articulation students, when reading required ELA books, find and practice words that have your target sound (e.g. k/g, f/v, S Blends).

    For students working on language goals, use your required ELA reading to support speech goals such as identifying verbs, adjectives or prepositions. 







    getepic.com - digital libray - listen to storie, read with family, ask and answer questions

    http://goboardmaker.com - (Free right now) -  for picture symbols for communication boards and visual schedules



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    2019/2020 Calendar - 

    Early Dismissal 12:55 and School Closings


    September 17 -  Back To School Night

    October -

    10/1 - 10/31SOCKTOBER "Happy Feet" Fundraiser- Please donate new socks for an annual service project.

    This fundraiser assists students with their civic duties and responsibilities. 

    Antibullying Events:

    10/7 Upstander Day - Blue Day

    10/9 Bright Future - Neon Day

    10/11 Team Player - Sport Jersey

    10/14 School Closed  - Professional Development Day

    10/21 Respect Differences - Mix-Matched Day

    10/23 Pink and Blue Day (Ocean County Cancer Awareness Day)

    10/25 School Pride - Blue and Gold Day 

    November  - 

    11/4-11/8 NJEA Convention

    11/13 - World Kindness Day

    11/22, 11/25, 11/26 EARLY DISMISSAL STUDENTS - Parent Teacher Conferences


    11/28 - Thanksgiving Recess



    12/23- 1/2/20 Winter Recess


    1/20 School Closed - Martin Luther King's Birthday 


    2/14 School Closed - Professional Day Staff

    2/17 School Closed - Presidents' Day


    4/10-4/17 School Closed - Spring Recess


    5/25 School Closed - Memorial Day

    June -

    6/22 Last Day of school EARLY DISMISSAL ALL

    (subject to change dependent on snow days used) 








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