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    Eileen Brennan
    Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant
    609-978-5700 Ext. 1090
    **In the event of a pivot to remote learning, please contact me via email with a number and time to reach you.  I will call you from my Google Voice number.  Remember to access Google Classroom for all assignment inquiries.  A pivot to remote learning requires students to follow their regular daily schedule and check-ins with either their homeroom teacher or common area teacher depending on the day.  All meetings will be held remotely regardless of in-person or remote instructional platform.  Thank you!!**


    Information:  The Child Study Team (CST) is comprised of a School Psychologist, a School Social Worker, and a Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant (LDT-C).   An LDT-C, is a highly qualified and experienced special education teacher who specifically works to help families and teachers provide the best individualized learning environment for a student.  The LDT-C performs standardized assessments to determine educational achievement for students in the district.
    Mrs. Brennan