• Our Class Mascot is the Ducks
    It is so important for all of my friends to stay happy and healthy during this time.  Remember that children learn and retain best when they are happy and having fun. So much learning is done through play; so PLAY, PLAY, PLAY.  

    ENJOY THIS TIME !!!   

    Hello.  Hope that you are all well and ready to begin this new expereince.  Please keep in mind that this is new to all of us .  It is important for us to be patient and understanding during this process to ensure that all the children are healthy, happy, and are continuing to learn during this time.  Please find the link of the packet that was sent home with your students on the Oxycocus home page.  It is located on the left side.  These plans were made for the entire school, to better fit our class I will also be sending via remind/email a few other things for you guys to do! Please keep in mind that 
    I am available Monday -Friday 8am-3pm to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.  You can reach me via Remind (information was sent home yesterday with directions to sign up) or email  ddubois@staffordschools.org.
    For my students that see me for Fine Motor on Tuesday and Thursday.....  
     some extra activities that you can do while at home include ripping paper, cutting,  coloring,rainbow writing,tracing, playdough, stickers, painting,and legos.
    Keep in mind, Through play the children are using/improving fine motor skills daily.  
    Feel free to reach out to me any time with any questions, concerns or need for extra activities.