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    7th Grade is coming soon!  Read, get organized, and practice opening a combination lock!  

    Beautiful weather is upon us!  Get outside! Be active!






    Half way through September!  

    Back To School Night - 9/13 6PM

    Pictures take place the 9/22 and 9/23 - be sure to look for info coming home from homeroom teacher!

    Constitution Day 9/16 - Wear red, white and blue

    Working through our beginning of the year assessments and starting life as a 6th grader! 



    Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year!

    Intermediate Open House - Sept 2, 2022    9:15 to 10:15

    I will be working with Mrs. Leming, Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Lally this year!  Math is such a wonderful subject that students see in their own lives each day!  I will be providing Pull Out Replacement for students from both Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Leming in math!  Lots of reading and writing to look forward to in ELA!  I will be providing in-class support with Mrs. Lally for ELA!  Enjoy the end of summer sun and start thinking about numbers and words!











    Promotion Ceremony is Now June 13th!

    Southern Regional Football Field!  Hopefully it is a beautiful evening as you watch your child cross over to the middle school and the Southern Regional School District!  See you there!

    1/2 Day- Friday, May 27th



    December - Sleigh Bells Ring, Are you Listening?


    The students have been amazing!  We are heading for some fun while still learning lots!

    12/6 - Wear Red

    12/13 Holiday Head Gear

    12/14 Wear Holiday Colors

    12/15 PJ Day

    12/16 Holiday Shirt

    12/17 Holiday Socks

    12/20 Ugly Sweater Contest

    12/23 Holiday Party







    Important Dates  5th-7th - Strong Start State Testing,                                                6th - It's no sweat to be a good friend! Wear Sweats!                                              8th - Favorite Team Shirt!                                                                                         11th - Half Day Students,                                                                                          18th Wear a shirt with an uplifting saying!                                                                    22nd - Hat's Off to Friendship, wear a hat!,                                                                  29th Halloween Dress Up!


    As we head to Novemeber, remember students are off the first week!  School will resume on November 8th!



    2021-2021 School Year!

    6th Grade!  This time next year you will be heading to the Middle School!


    I will be teaching pull out replacement math and ela for Mrs. Lally's homeroom and in class support math with Mrs. Wegryn.  

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    Start practicing those Math Facts!  Read something!  Think about your favorite summer activity!  

    We have an exciting new math program to begin the year!  We will keep an organized notebook to help you with all the new information  you will be learning!  We have some interesting novels that will be sure to make you say, I like reading!





    Crazy June!

    June 1st and 2nd - DARE DAY - Depending upon Cohort, students will have fun at Dare Day

    June 8th and 9th - STAC - promotion ceremony assembly to explain expectations and ceremony, depending on cohort

    June 10th and 11th - SRHS practice for ceremony at Southern Regional, depending on cohort

    June 14th - Lip Dub and 6PM Promotion Ceremony    1/2 Day 

    June 15th  and 16th - Fun Day  1/2 Day, depending on cohort

    June 17th - 1/2 day : LAST DAY




    Only 23 School Days Left!

    It is amazing how this crazy year has flown by, but the kids are ready to soar at Southern Regional in September!

    Remind them over the summer to pick up something and read it!  Better yet if they can find a spot outside to read!





    Spring is Here!


    The children are so excited to get outside!

    Make sure to tell them to turn off the games and go for a run, a bike ride or play outside with friends!



    Let it Snow, Let it Snow, LET IT SNOW!
    Just Kidding, not happy with this cold weather



    So glad to be back in person with the students!  We are back to reading a novel together (ask your child about Fish in a Tree).  Students are writing great paragraphs to begin an argumentative piece.  In math, students are turning fractions into percents and decimals while continuing to practice our basic skills as well.  The year is flying by and I am stressing that they are very close to being 7th graders and may need to "Step up their Game" a little bit.  Responsibility is key, but helpful reminders from you are beneficial.  Ask to see their google classroom and ask about what we did during the day.  Check the classwork list with them and see some of their work!  Stay Warm!










    "A day that will live on in infamy," famous words spoken by FDR after the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Ask your child about the similarities and differences between 12/7/1941 and 9/11/2001.  The students watched a few short clips regarding both attacks on United States soil while reading Eleven.  They then completed a writing discussing similarities and differences.  All students had amazing responses such as both used planes, both are remembered infamously, both caused mass amounts of destruction and wanted to harm the USA. 


    Please help your child learn their basic multiplication facts!  It will be an invaluable tool to have mastered!

    Play cards with them, each player draws two cards and must multiply the two cards together.  The higher amount wins those cards!

    Play beat the calculator, they must answer the multiplication problem while you try to put it in the calculator.

    Find Songs on line singing the multiples. (ie: 4,8, 12,16,20)                       




    Wondering what your child is doing each day?  Ask them about Eleven by Tom Rogers, to tell you what a noun is, to count by 25s, what the numerator or denominator in a fraction is, how to multiply or divide fractions, about a favorite Achieve article (the return of the war dog, cracking the color code, or scream machines). 


    Remember your child can never read too much! 


    Happy Thanksgiving!

    So nice to meet so may of you at conferences!

    Enjoy the weekend with your family!




    Week of RESPECT! 

     Motivational Monday-wear a motivational message 

     Worthy Wednesday - show off uniqueness

    "Team" Friday - team jersey day


    Students have done an amazing job adapting to crazy schedules, carrying supplies everywhere and the workload!


    Gradebook is open! Hybrid students should make sure to check comments for missing assignments as sometimes things are collected when they are not present!


    Getting in the Groove

    The students have been working hard each day in math, reading, writing, spelling and grammar!  Google Classroom always shows an outline of what we are completing for the day!







    hj Open House!! 


    I will be teaching students ELA and Math to a group of students right across from their homeroom!  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions!  jtomlinson@staffordschools.org



     "A room without books is like a body without a soul"  - Marcus Tullius Cicero

    Name:Jennifer Tomlinson   
    Phone:609 978 5700 x 1247
     Everyone is a Reader!  Some just haven't found their favorite book yet!
    jtomlinson@staffordschools.org      609 978 5700  X 1247