• Welcome to Phys. Ed !
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    Name: Jacqueline Kennelly   

    Phone: 609 - 978 - 5700  ext. 1166

    Email: JKennelly@staffordschools.org

    Physical Education class at McKinley Avenue is held twice a week for 45 minutes each time the class meets. Our Physical Education program is designed to teach students how to develop skills and improve personal physical fitness while working together. Students are taught how to engage and encourage each other in positive ways to increase good sportsmanship, peer relationships, and self esteem. 
    ** Sneakers should always be worn on gym days ** 
    **Comfortable clothes should always be worn on gym days** 

    ** Fall Activities **

    - Cooperative Games 

    - Team Building

    - Soccer


    - Fitness 

    - Cardiovascular Health

    - Sportsmanship


    Please dress to go outside for Phys. Ed. class! 






    Stay active with friends and family! Send in a photo of your child staying physically active with friends or family outside of school. The photo will be added to the bulletin board in the hallway! 

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    Miss Kennelly's Classes 


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