March 15th 2020 Update

    Hello! First and foremost please don't worry! The 6AB team is here to help and guide the students as needed and we will take it one day at a time. We set up an example schedule for you - feel free to use it! We will post daily in Google Classroom. We will post videos and assignments. NO way is the wrong way right now - we are going to all work together to get through this experience! The team of teachers will be meeting tomorrow afternoon to discuss and figure out a way that we can do a zoom call - this is like a large group facetime - this will not be mandatory but we would love to keep in touch with the kids face to face as well. If that doesn't work we will be having flipgrid opportunities for the students so we can at least see each other. The packets that went home Friday are for the first week or so - possibly up to ten days depending with added things from the teachers on Google Classroom. Science and SS was also supposed to be ready at the end of the day Friday but unfortunately the copying job was not able to be finished - pretty sure we gave the copiers a run for their money that day! So for now that is being covered with the weekly Achieve. Students should check their Google Classrooms daily - even the special areas webpages or classrooms. If parents are working and students aren't able to access computers until night then the students should work when they are able. We did poll the classes and got a good feel for the technology availabilty. We understand the need for sibling sharing and parent sharing! Please feel free to email us with any questions. Feel free to email and add the three teachers to the email - if one cannot answer another one probably can do so quickly! We are available 8-3 and will get back to you as soon as possible through email/remind or we will get back to the students using google classroom. Many students have already been sending private comments and that is a perfect way for them to be proactive and for us to answer what they need!! Stay safe and healthy! Mrs. Staub, Mrs. Chencharik, Mr. Bamber!

     Mrs. Chencharik
    Room 308 
     (609) 978-5700 X 1236
    Email is the best way to contact me :) 
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