Hope you are having a wonderful summer! sun

    Students only!!  Below is the log in for our ELA Google Classroom accounts. 

    I will post simple reflective thoughts for us to use as a way to share and work on getting to know each other. 

    I hope you will log in (with your school account) and join me. 

    Mrs. Leming's homeroom:  (6C ELA) 8nmp28

    Mrs. Kelly's homeroom: (6D ELA) 52mj94 


    Calling parents from Mrs. Leming's homeroom ONLY--

    Below is the REMIND code that I will use this year as a way to communicate.  Please join!

    Remind: ckdgh99









    Please see the suggested school supply list  pencil


    Mrs. Leming

     609-978-5700 ext. 1177




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