Have an AMAZING vacation!
    Don't forget to keep practicing those multiplication facts and READ, READ, READ whenever you can!
    I am so proud of how far you have all come! Don't forget you can access Achieve 3000 and Prodigy at home.
    See you next year!
    Name: Ms. Brooke Hildebrandt
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  • Parents: students will be working on their RACER responses. Here is a sample answer using RACER.


    Restate and Answer: Rudy could not help pull Santa's sleigh because he was too small.

    Cite evidence: I found my answer in paragraph two. The text states, "But every year, Santa told him he was not big enough yet".

    Expand: Later in the story, Rudy found out he could help out in other ways, even though he was small.

    Relate: I can understand how Rudy is feeling because I used to be the smallest out of my group of friends! 

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  • Please remember Reading Entries are due EVERY Friday unless otherwise noted. Students may choose to respond to anything they read during at-home reading that week. Happy Reading!


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  • To communicate with parents, I don't only use email, I use the free Remind application for smartphones that allows group chats through anonymous phone numbers (perfect for reminders or quick questions!). Our Class is called Grade3F and the class code is @mck3F. Just download the app and use our class name and code. If it isn't working, try this link: remind.com/join/mck3f . 


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